Veterinarian Ji Pantek started a business in a completely different field, not graduated. He joined the family business founded by his grandmother and uncle. He started working on herbs and selling cosmetics. He was in the company from morning to evening. Then saw the breaking point. The phone rang and he was approached by a Tsarist company. That opened the door to Europe for him.

Even in the most fantastic ideas, I never knew that we would one day have our own production area and character, which is still in the consciousness of the people, to Ji Pantek. Today, it employs 56 people and its original recipes are known not only at home, but also in Hungary, Hungary, Norway and other European countries.

How many people have you left with?
We were you. My mother, a friend, an invoicer, etc.

Did you understand herbs then, or did you have to work on them?
When I studied, there was not much alternative alternative at the time. In the round nm kali – for lit lengthy herbs, when it goes fast antibiotics. I was a product of this colony, I don’t want a bag for it. I took it for granted. We enjoyed what he said, when I feel hot and pleasant, what kind of herbs and bites. I took it as curiosity and varied. I started to devote myself fully to herbs, and when did I start a business.

Today you are an expert in herbs. How did you tell yourself to study how herb combinations have their first activity?
When I finished college, I vowed not to learn. I was up to my neck. I never took the study of herbs and alternative methods as a student. Pichzelo it pirozen. I mainly chose from it what I was interested in, for example, the bond that the herb supports with another in inc and vice versa. I followed this information from various sources. I often don’t even get married, that’s the way it is. I gradually found out all this about you, and behind the cranial adverse effects of cranberries are arbutin, ellagic acid and inulin.

How was your first recipe?
The first recipes were my grandmothers and my shots. They were based on experience, studies of herbs and also watched the competition, which they develop. The first recipes, which were mine, were woven meat gels. I started playing with a combination of comfrey, katana, juniper, arnica and other substances. I created a complex that is much innj not a single kind of recipe. At that time, it was the only possibility, as uspt.

So did you start the repair from scratch?
Sp we were a little below the surface (smch). We bet that customers would return because they were satisfied with the product’s activities and recommended it to other people. And it came out. We built the company on that.

How did you turn the turn around?
We started with an average turnover of 500 thousand crowns. In order to peila, we needed to get a turnover of 600 thousand crowns, which was achieved during the first year. Over the next two years, we increased our turnover to one million crowns.

Also at the arrest was the punishment of the main costs and the debts were symbolic.
That’s right, we paid for the pensions we could afford. When we produced vc, we returned the pension back to the development of the company. That’s when we would have spent a million msn, we would have rested. And when we approached this border, there was always something to drink, the legislature provided for you to lie. And everything collapsed, securing the necessary permission of something table. We got to minus 300 thousand and we lost even with the study of legislation. Below it was up and down. But we laughed at the sinusoid in the right direction. Then a piece of tst and a match.

What song? How did the breaking point come about?
We hired a foreign partner and the turnover suddenly doubled, then tripled, and we began to cut back on the exchange of packaging and labels. We also bought better technology, which kicked us.

How did I manage to get such a partner?
He is nael ns. I still don’t know how he got to nm. An employee of a Swiss company called us just as my daughter and I went on a safari in Dvoe Krlov. She gave me a phone call, and I’ll say it could be an interesting collaboration. I called and we had a meeting. I’m used to talking to customers straight. I also prepared an open calculation and laid the slabs on the table so that they would know how much the production had expended and how much was spent on the store.

And it worked.
The turning point was tst. It is interesting that for the first three years we cooperated and did not have a long contract. We just shook hands and everything worked. dn contract vs unprotected when yard errors. The bond is all the stronger because we built relationships on the principles of the court.

How much vs this collaboration started?
Today we produce for 60 companies under their emblems. Vtina are esk companies, but let’s make for example for vgarsko, vdsko, Norway and gave the land.

How is the vs turnover?
Last year we had a record turnover of 93 million a year. This year we have a cl growth of five percent and mm pnm is to reach the limit of 100 million.

Develop most of your product in your own laboratory today. Is it ever an attempt to make a mistake?
An attempt to make a mistake is not in action. We will recite the recipes I store. Then it is a question of whether the recipe is feasible. This is very often an attempt to make a mistake. I have to insist on combining a maximum of doors, which is sometimes not possible. When you make a capsule and put in five herbs in a small amount, it limits the size of the capsule. And when you apply a cosmetic product or a medical device, there is a limit to wearing the nose, for example, what can be absorbed into the gel and when it breaks down into water. There are limits. Then you have to look for where to take it or what to change.

How many of your own recipes have you created? Do you have any statistics?
I don’t know exactly, but there are 700 recipes for our company and another 300 recipes for custom production.

Today, your company employs 56 people, including your parents and children. What about your wife?
Manelka owns a company, she focuses on bath foams, salt and soap.

How can I save a family business so you don’t give up. Do you have a recipe for it?
Mm a huge tst of birth. My sister and I never quarreled in dleitch things, we always had harmonious relationships with our families. This is also reflected in the cooperation in companies. Of course, it is both complicated to drink to your mother and he is honored to do something right. But we always assume that we are behind the same rope and the company is our joint child.

So dn opens?
If I said I didn’t call a voice, that wouldn’t be true. But it’s not for family members.

Can you choose the right people in the dark?
I think I’m still a life crank. I graduated from a series of knees to develop personality and entrepreneurial skills. And today I have to honor that I don’t want to apply it. Doing something different, not the most common collector. According to them, an entrepreneur should not have social vnmn, because it is the worst thing I have to meet. You have an impersonal approach to the principle of the child, the hunter in the company may have a fee that will either pay off or not pay off. I don’t want to do business like this.

What’s pro vs in business tackle?
A company on a pragmatic level must generate profit. When it does not grow and does not grow, it does not drink. That salary for every company. To be in business, I need to know that it is time for the rope that people go to work and do not be afraid to drink to me and share their feelings, often even negatively. We stopped in those people. We all rejoiced when the order drank. When there was a problem, we were all sad. I want it to be below in companies.

It is clear to me that 56 people will not always go in the same direction, it is not possible in the diversity of opinions, but I have to honor anyone from the company that they want to work for the company. And for me it’s not just a source of funding, for leaving the company, I slam the door and don’t care about n. This is a parameter for me, which I hope I will never have to discount.

Your daughters work in the company, and your son is also involved. Sweat with the fact that once you give them a business?
It will fly to them. But if it will be mon, very rd give them a company pedm. For me, the engine for business financial profit, I don’t care if I go on holiday to Greece, I’d rather choose the Giant Mountains. The engine for m is to build a tradition of what will exist for 30, 50, 100 years. When I go to trade fairs around Europe and see companies that have existed for 300 years and I think they fainted for Napoleon’s army, they wanted ups and downs, but they always push their carts forward, that’s motivating.

When you buy me a company when I have enough pensions. But from the starter you have to know where it will lead. Whether not pt. There were times when I was at work 16 and 18 hours a day. It wasn’t because I bought you a railway car, for me it is the engine of a tradition that I will be able to share with my family.

Two children reveal that doing business in a family business is fun?
Grow up in it from an early age. My oldest daughter was the year I started my business. It was very often the case that when the children wanted to see Dad, they had to come to the company for them. I wrote and grinded you something over the weekend, and they made faints in various forms. Or they sat down to sweat and created their own labels, then printed them out and stuck them on their own made-up feeds.

When would anyone in this field want to do business, what would you recommend?
Probably not to prepare for anything. If I knew what I was doing, I would never do it. When I started building the company, I was away from administrative matters. There are a lot of them in our field and a lot of paper. It is very important to know that any mountain of problems can be broken down by hundreds. I am a life optimist, I think this is a very important business. Sometimes I’m optimistic that an outside observer would think I’m naive. According to mv, optimism is a business.

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