The owner or co-owner of the vehicle is obliged to conclude the insurance contract. Upon agreement, at the time of your leasing lease, we will conclude an insurance contract with the leasing company as the owner of the vehicle or you as the insurance company.

I am buying a car for which the owner has not entered into any liability. How to proceed with the traffic inspector after purchase?
Instead of two traffic inspectors, all changes will be made to the extended register of road vehicles. If there is a change of ownership, the insurance termination expires on the day when the policyholder announced the insurance change of ownership of the vehicle. Upon this notification, the owner of the vehicle is obliged to submit the insurance document and the green card, if issued, without undue delay. In your case, there is a paradoxical situation that the vehicle should have been safe, but the owner neglected this obligation. Due to the fact that the insurance did not arise for the two owners of the vehicle, it is not possible to make a change in the insurance liability of the vehicle.

This situation can be viewed from two points of view: from the point of view of the new owner, the situation is simple. The law clearly stipulates that the new owner is obliged to arrange insurance responsibilities for the operation of the vehicle within 14 days of the termination of the insurance company. When transferring to it, a special register of road vehicles will require proof of the agreed insurance and without it we will not be able to satisfy enough about the transfer. Therefore, if you conclude this insurance with one of the insurers, the document will be issued to you.

The question is when the original bond was destroyed. According to the law, the insurance expires on the day when the policyholder notified the insurer of the change of ownership of the domestic vehicle. Due to the fact that the insurance liability was not concluded, no one could notify the change of ownership of the vehicle and the insurance could not be terminated.

Therefore, based on the assumption that the change of ownership was due to the conclusion of a purchase contract, you as a new owner should immediately, no later than 14 days, conclude an insurance contract for insurance liability with one of the insurance companies operating this insurance. Any time you operate an unattached vehicle, you would make a mistake. Due to many problems in the event of an accident or inspection, it is better not to buy an inoperable vehicle.

From the point of view of the current owner, the problem is to find the vehicle in the complete register of road vehicles. Here, among others, the current owner of the vehicle must submit a valid proof of liability. In the case of vehicle operation on public roads, the current owner is thus subject to sanctions in accordance with the amendment to the Pest Act.

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Due to the problem of unregistering the vehicle, in my opinion, the current owner of the vehicle will have no choice but to enter into liability for the operation of the vehicle before signing the purchase contract and after the sale of the vehicle to announce a joint change The insurance company issues him a certificate of the duration of the insurance liability and the code of the expired insurance. At present, however, it can be assumed that such cases will be overlooked.

I have a car for leasing, do I have to insure my car?
According to 4, the insurance contract must be concluded by the owner or co-owner of the domestic vehicle. This does not affect the first conclusion of the insurance contract by a person who is a person different from the owner.

The leasing company is the owner of the vehicle during the leasing lease and you are the lessee, the operator of the vehicle. In practice, this means that this contract can be concluded directly by the leasing company as the owner or, according to the agreement with the leasing company, you can enter into liability liability directly as the policyholder. In the first case, the liability would be included in the lease payments. The obligation to conclude a contract may be the owner of the vehicle, therefore it is necessary to agree on the method of the castle with the leased lessor, ie the leasing company.

Do you have what happens if I collide with another car of the same leasing company?
In the event of an accident between vehicles of the same owner, ie the same leasing company, the situation is more complicated from a general point of view.

According to Article 7 (3) of the Statutes, in the case of a number of vehicles owned by a person, the code caused by these persons will be the castle only if it is a different vehicle operator who was involved in the accident. However, this applies if this person is not simultaneously the operator of the vehicle, on which the code was caused.

Due to the number of cars leased to large leasing companies, the probability of a number of vehicles of the same owner would increase slightly with the number of vehicles leased.

It is therefore a good idea to arrange the insurance indemnity of the insurance policy as a special arrangement within the framework of the entire insurance contract of the company’s leasing with the insurance company, so that it is clear in which cases the insurance company will provide the indemnity.

ryvek from the book: Povinn ruen

1. dl: car code from an unknown culprit must be reimbursed
2. dl: Operator hldanho park the answer for the code

3. dl: Determined according to the fault depending on the caused code
4. dl: To replace the code I have a connection and three months
5. dl: Do not tear Manel’s car, do not pay the connection code

Length 6: The city of the car accident is not decisive for the replacement of the code
7. dl: Change of owner expires obligatory ruen


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