You broke into a friend’s car when you wanted to park in his garden. The caused code will be paid according to the contract on insurance liability for the operation of the vehicle, because the code was caused by the operation of the vehicle.

I collided on a dirt road with a small motorcycle, which did not fly without an ID. Will my code be covered by the insurance liability when it did not happen on the road?

Yes, in 1, paragraph 2 of the Act, the concept of public road is defined, ie. where the obligation to conclude insurance liability for the operation of the vehicle must be fulfilled. Assuming that the owner of a small motorcycle has a binding liability for some of the couplings owned by the Ministry of Finance (license), you can claim your compensation for the code with his contracted insurance company, or in the Czech office of the insurer.

Liability insurance applies to any person who is liable for a code caused by the operation of a vehicle specified in the insurance contract. It therefore also applies to a juvenile idiot who was involved in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

The law does not define the insurance liability only for the road, but generally for the country. A basic precondition for liability for the operation of vehicles is a code event caused by the special nature of the operation of vehicles. The engine vehicle is in operation not only when it is moving, but also when it is stopped, but its engine is running. The operation is also the preparation for the ride and the immediate horses after the end of the ride, as well as the horses needed to gossip the vehicle. Self-start of the engine at the start of the operation of the motor vehicle, regardless of whether the vehicle is set in motion or not, whether it has happened on the road, or in other areas accessible to the public, such as on a dirt road, etc.

While entering from a friend’s garage, I came across a friend’s car on his property. Will the code be paid for from the compulsory liability?

If the owner of the vehicle, the code was caused by his operation, had a concluded contract for insurance of liability from the operation of the vehicle, the caused code will be paid according to n, because the code was caused by the operation of the vehicle. In other cases, it will be paid from the guarantee fund. The location of the accident is not decisive in this case.

I drove a car to a friend for the weekend. On the way back, he went to, among other things, land and damaged the entrances and the car. Will the code be paid to me from the insurance liability?

Article 7, paragraph 2 of the Act recalls this case. If the code was caused to the owner of the vehicle by the operation of his vehicle, which at the time of the creation of the code was done by another person, the insurer is obliged to replace the owner of the vehicle only health codes or death. Therefore, you have to collect the compensation due to the property codes directly from the friend.

ryvek from the book: Povinn ruen

1. dl: car code from an unknown culprit must be reimbursed
2. dl: Operator hldanho park the answer for the code

3. dl: Determined according to the fault depending on the caused code
4. dl: To replace the code I have a connection and three months
5. dl: Do not tear Manel’s car, do not pay the connection code


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