Jan Kremlov and her husband Pavel managed to knock out his sight. A quarter of a century ago, they shared the first washing machine. Today, Jana Kremlov, CEO of the family business Alika, operates one of the largest processing plants in Europe and cares for hundreds of employees.

In order for something like this to work out, you have to be born with entrepreneurial talent. And it starts to show even when you wouldn’t expect it at all.

Calm under deep socialism at a mountain hut in the Giant Mountains. Petra’s daughter was born early. In order to be with our husband Sobst, we had a place as a maid and a mountain hut. And we started to earn a living by making inadequate sports accessories on the Dopleta knitting machine.

To make you understand, the year 1982 and the communist sex were written in Tuili that their filling of farms could not do without a little private help. Only his daughter Markta drank in the world and one room was started by families and he had a damn business.

That’s why the Kremlin eventually turned to his native Hana. Here, too, Pavel Kremla knitted a patterned beanie and the future queen of praench burk and mesh worked in the sugar factory and later on the agricultural inspection.

I was in charge of checking the sugar and sugar, which I enjoyed a lot. But I always felt that I remember how much better it could be done. Therefore, in 1992, when the Kremlin wanted to do business, they bought the first washing machine.

They just got a little pissed off in the bad guys. The television was controlled by advertising, vn Marek Vaut and his kva for moments of well-being. We could not resist this, recapitulates Jana Kremlov, who was accidentally brought peanuts into the way. So lute, its seeds are called the people of the burqa. It was 1993, we had a laundry in the center of Prostjov and we worked 24 hours a day. Twelve hours a day, I worked for a man, a twelve-year-old man, first a businesswoman who had been doing some good work for twenty years.

You ever burned out their prostjovsk prarna. It should have been about bt. When it happened, I remembered that in Brno one Manelsk privileged the prarna, they did not hear about its operation. So we agreed with them, continues the general director of the company Alika.

Mal, vt, nejvt in Central Europe

Business began to unfold, with almonds and pistachios gradually added to the burqas. When the first strings began to be reported, which would cost the laundry from Han, it was clear that a small factory needed to be dismantled.

Of course, as a family, we had to insist in the factory all the time that the girls grew up with them among the machines, and so this work is the first last, Jan Kremlov, who, thanks to this, may not have the problem, which dries many family companies because of three mistakes successors. founder.

Both daughters were present at the time when the family bought the farm crumbs in the elders fifteen years ago. The cell was overgrown with buin, and the first investment was the purchase of a metal cutter, laughs energetic woman, who in two years put a factory near Prostjov, which is now the largest of its kind in Central Europe.

Sure, it wouldn’t be possible without colleagues and especially a man. I am very fortunate that he does not have complexes, he helps me and as an excellent machine he is irreplaceable when buying and repairing machines, he pays homage to him.

Where is vidt ensk ruka

Although Pavel Kremla holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors in Alice, the executive power in the eye of the kingdom is equally equal.

And the female hand is in the hall of the factory znt. So not in traffic, there it must work perfectly, af nose pants, even a skirt. But where else can you meet in the factory grazing horses? Markta’s daughter has been riding since she was a child, she is explained. Where are the center of dtsk hits in the middle? That is the answer for the children of our employees. And how many such companies have a corporate stamp?

The daughters and the sales director had small children and needed to work hard, so we put our heads together, got a Union subsidy and started a company stamp. Twelve children come to it today, Jana Kremlov will simply say about the benefits that every mother will appreciate.

Kamion oech then

It would also seem that such employees have to drive potential employees away from Brno with an air rifle. Only in times of economic boom and practically zero unemployment are job seekers missing here as well.

And if they were needed. Today, in addition to prawns, almonds and pistachios, the company adds kernels, macadamia nuts, salty sticks, raisins, various seeds, cranberry and banna seeds and, most importantly, valuable Czech mills to the rest of Europe.

For a long time, we have to employ foreign debts in production. And to go to Prostjov’s condition gave you factories, there is no one to work here! The founder of the company, who definitely potentiated his growth, sighs lightly.

Is it worth it? Obas ns thinks to buy another company, but we never really wanted to be a big company. So it will one day be for our daughters and their children, add Jana Kremlov.

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