Entrepreneurship in tourism requires openness to clients, as well as caution when dealing with complaints. If you do not respect these rules, the company will prepare for no problems.

Entrepreneurship in tourism requires openness to clients, as well as caution when dealing with complaints. If you do not respect these rules, the company will prepare for no problems.

The conditions of business travel agencies and travel agencies are regulated by law. 159/1999 Coll., Which was amended in August last year in such a way that it tightened the conditions of business in tourism.

For example, the thermal exit has been modified, and it is also considered a combination of services compiled on the basis of “individual orders”. This activity may not be performed by travel agencies, as was the case with two. Failure to comply with this final provision is considered an unjustified undertaking within the meaning of 61 et seq. business account.

The concept of travel agency was also extended to persons with a registered office or city in another EU (EEA) state, who have the right to operate their home state to operate a travel agency and are liable in the event of a travel agency failure. Entrepreneurs who arrange departures of travel agencies from other EU (EEA) member states are obliged to report this fact to the Ministry of Regional Development R.

Comprehensive information a must
Travel agencies must inform customers (including offers and purchased travel via the Internet) about which travel agency the departure is under. Of course, it should be the obligation of travel agents and travel agencies to provide the customer in good time with the information specified in provision 10 – ie they must be truthful, understandable, fully and fully informed of all facts known to them and may influence the decision. the recipient of the purchase of the congress.

If you are a traveler, pay attention to the possible abilities of your clients. Complaints can be made within 3 months from the end of the departure, but a written report must be written, which must be signed by the travel agent. And if the participant of the congress does not find that his complaint was handled satisfactorily, I can demand his first in the framework of civil law.

Office versus agency
The difference between a travel agent and a travel agency is due, inter alia, to the fact that the operating travel agency is a licensed activity, where the operating travel agency is a business taken over. The congress may therefore only be sold by a travel agent and the travel agency may only mediate the sale of the congress for a travel agent. However, a travel agency may never mediate the sale of a congress for an entity that is not a travel agent, e.g. for another travel agency. When arranging the sale of a departure by a travel agency or travel agency for another travel agency, the travel contract must be concluded on behalf of the travel agency for which the departure is arranged.

You better get your employees

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Only conclude a contract with a travel agency that is insured against parachute. When choosing a trip, take care of all the information written in the catalog, even those that are written by a small dog on the back of the catalog, especially if you are familiar with the general conditions. give detailed information and you will not forget that 7 days before departure, the TA is obliged to provide the customer in writing with detailed information, which is important for the customer and which is known and is not stated in the travel contract.

Be careful what price you pay for the trip in total. The resulting price may differ from the price stated in the catalog, including thousands of crowns. Do not forget the medical and travel connection, or insurance in case of cancellation. To travel to EU countries, it is necessary to have an international health insurance card.

Not a hotel like a hotel. The same category of hotel in R and a hotel in another country may not match the facilities and services, so get detailed information in the travel agency. It is important that the change of the travel contract before the start of the departure is possible only with your consent, after the start of the departure you must always get a hotel in the same city and in the same or you category, again with your consent.

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