The infernal contribution of labor should encourage the unemployed to start their own business. Zatm is a bag mon poet enough in the regions to spot on the fingers of one hand. From January this year, a new contribution will be made by hired entrepreneurs and less than 140 thousand crowns.

The contribution to the business can be provided to people who have problems with the application on the labor market and who do not play much into the business. Consider it a risk. Don’t even give them a pension, which they can get to start a business. At the same time, it is not a negligible contribution to the start of the business, which is in the offer of work and summer, for which it is possible to submit the necessary equipment and equipment, it will be almost 140 thousand crowns.

With a hell of a contribution of more than thirty thousand, this put together a total of 170 thousand, and that’s a total of a few arrests. Please note that the infernal contribution is not filled in once, but is divided into several installments. You can get a maximum of 5,831 crowns for five months, which is a total of less than thirty thousand crowns.

It discourages applicants from committing to doing business for at least two years, along with enough contributions. And if their business doesn’t work out and they’re done, they have to pay their pensions.

I’d rather work

“They are applying for a job, but two jobs are not their own business. We will offer several retraining courses, which are very interesting and thanks to which people have to find work. In addition, we have recently seen a slight increase in the number of job offers, so we do not have business losses here at the moment. So there is neither enough for a contribution to the start of the business, nor for a hell of a contribution, ”to Lubomr Ki from the work in Mlad Boleslav. At first, however, this district is one of the least affected and the unemployment rate in the burrow reached only five percent.

Do not want to do business even in “problem” districts

In the district of Jesenk, the unemployment rate in the burrow reached twenty percent, without work there are every five hunters. Even here, people are not interested in contributions to business.

“Currently, we have one enough for hell.” It’s from the man who opened the flower shop. She received financial assistance from us to start a business, so she was able to apply for the new infernal contribution. Her business development will change, so we will also provide it, ”to Zdenk Vrtn from the Jesenice series. According to him, last year he financially helped twenty people start a business.

“It’s not a big deal, but you have to realize in which district we are and the labor market is characteristic. People want to be employed here, they fight hard, it’s not easy here, there are no customers, people, ”says Zdenk Vrtn.

Similarly, the situation in Hodonn, what gave them, great unemployment affected the district. In total, there are 16 percent of the population without work.

“I’m not at all interested in hell. I don’t think it makes sense. It is again just the rest of the paperwork for someone under our contribution to the start of the business, we will approve it for him on the basis of a good business relationship and pay him, for example, a hundred 70 thousand. He will then have to submit an infernal contribution within thirty days, which will start, say, 20 thousand crowns. So wouldn’t it be easy if we paid him 90,000 straight away? It would cost me all the work, ”the values ​​of Vladimir’s work series.

In the course you can find out if you want to do business at all

Last year, an ad job in Hodonn financially helped the business arrest 84 people. Peklenovac’s contribution did not exist last year.

“They all went through a retraining course called Business Foundations, which we will open again this year. After five weeks, the course was prepared for the business thanks to the instructor. Some of them found out that they would not let go of the business at all, that it was not for them, also for you the course was a boon. On the contrary, they have fully established themselves. They immediately took the business plan and balance sheet with them to the course, to which we then paid them a contribution, ”explains Vladim va va.

Contributions will be given only to the disadvantaged

The so-called disadvantaged people have a job on the market to contribute to the arrest of the business and the hell. These are, for example, the disabled, young people under the age of 25, university graduates, pregnant women or mothers caring for children under the age of 15. But even a billion people from children’s homes and people after serving a sentence and then, of course, all candidates are led to a series of work at least five pt msc.

How to get a pension from adu?

First, it is necessary to apply for a contribution to the start of a business, which is officially called the Contribution to the establishment of a socially employed job. It can be used to pay the cost of tangible assets. However, the data must be supported by invoices.

Therefore, fill in the form on the last line of work, add the processed business plan, economic balance sheet and the list of expected costs for the establishment of a job. You must do so with a trade license or concession deed and it is confirmed that you do not miss anything anywhere. Ednci bag may want to give documents according to the nature of business activity.

“For example, the issuance of a regional hygienic station, approval of decisions, a soft contract, or the issuance of a doctor about medical fitness to perform self-employment,” said Viktoria Plvov, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. And after you get a contribution to the start of the business, you can apply for an infernal contribution (introduced from January this year). You will use it, for example, for fines or other operating costs. Its maximum is 0.25 times the average wage, ie 5,831 crowns.

On a good farm project

The number of jobs, which is based on the specific situation on the labor market in the region, will decide how big a contribution you will receive. If the project is washed out in time and will be unleashed, you can get the maximum, ie a multiple or four times the average wage, ie a maximum of 93,296, or 139,994 crowns. Unemployment is bad for me in the district.

Salary rule you unemployment = you contribution. When a project is not evaluated in full, then you get a hundred men. Therefore, it is better to consult directly on the activities in the region of errors and what the inhabitants of the future customers would probably ask.

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