Although the old rules are not in force, we cannot definitely say goodbye to them. According to them, all those who submit their own taxes will sail the same formulas. That is, an entrepreneur, a people who live, a man applying together.

Tax for 2007 (according to them, this is the last time this year)

  • salary star conditions, ie daov psma. People with low incomes have 12 percent, what they earn above 380,000 K, seemingly 32 percent
  • social and health insurance does not seem, the entrepreneur considers them as a widow
  • if you live in a marriage and have dt, you can apply together
  • ron discounts for yourself as a taxpayer, children, spouses, students, for people with full and wall disability pension and for children with a ZTP / P card are within the original limits: fee 7,200, trained husband 4,200 , dt 6 000, dt with ZTP / P 12 000, full disability pension + 3 000, student + 2 400

Day in 2008

  • everyone will pay a single tax of 15 percent
  • Social and health insurance will be subject to the tax.
  • The combined tax will not be possible or will all be given 15 percent
  • tax rebates are significantly increased. This corresponds to the discounts, which you will see from the dungeon every month on free dogs. Pensioners who want to stay will also be able to get a discount on the fee: fee 2 070, dt 890

The discount on a dependent husband is increased by employees of the wages of the thorn, but it will not be applied by any MSc. The total amount of 24,840 is deducted from the tax within the scope of the tax.

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