Very problematic are the debts of the husband and wife in a situation where they get out of control and the debt is not able to meet them. The obligation to meet then the pawn on the second mane. But what about debts that you, as a life partner of your half-way, don’t know about at all?

If you go with a friend or with a girlfriend so-called in a pile, then you do not have to suffer from the volumes of the situation. At the moment, I will know me and you should know about all the debts of your life partner. This is because, for his unions to acquire during marriages, take co-responsibility.

Banks do not hide, other financial companies do
In the case of bank or homeowners, the life partner will probably not lose his bond. As a rule, the bank or building society will also invite the second of the managers to sign the contracts. In such a case, the two parties to the contract must be clear for a long time, in both cases. In other words, it is obvious that when one piglet is fulfilled in terms of one, then immediately start the one with one’s duties. This is the fair case where we are no doubt aware of the second man’s bond.

However, many offers on the consumer loan market are characterized by the fact that they do not invite the other party to sign a contract and the creditor is satisfied with concluding a relationship with only one of the managers. It often happens that the irresponsible hunter concludes new and new contracts of this type without the knowledge of the other manna and subsequently fails. In such a case, the executor will arrive two or later, who will request an inventory of the property for the execution.

Things acquired for a long time, yes, don’t get what you got two
The essence of the law is unfortunately such that, despite the absence of your consent on the bonds of your husband for his bonds, the common name of the husband. In the event that the executor is allowed to visit your household and is entitled to liquidate all common property. Of course, it does not belong to the things acquired before the formation of marriages.

Unfortunately, it is often a problem to prove to the executor that the concrete of everything in your apartment was taken before the wedding, and therefore not subject to confiscation. It is therefore important, for purely preventive reasons, to keep proof of purchase with these items. Unfortunately, the practice is such that you must substantiate such a claim with some tangible evidence in order to prevent the inclusion of a specific item in the list for execution.

If you are suspected of manela’s debts, agree or deal
Even in this case, it pays to pay more for the honesty’s activities than for execution. The essence of the common name manel is an equal share in the assets and liabilities acquired during the marriage. If you really suspect that the husband is in debt without your knowledge, or does not know his business skills and assume that his business will fail, then you have two basic options.

The first of them is an effort to agree and draw up a contract on property income in the presence of a note. The essence of this contract is, in essence, the cancellation or restriction of the common name of the manager. On the one hand, by signing such a contract, make sure that you part of the divorce on the acquired property at the time of the divorce, but on the other hand, you can be sure that you will not have to pay for it in the future. It is, in essence, a trade where we close our way to the eventual enrichment of the other and, on the other hand, we gain the certainty that without each other we will not get along with him to the bottom.

Unfortunately, the reduction or abolition of the common name manel necessarily requires the signature of both manes, which may be the case for some problems. If someone feels that a business manager is in trouble and does not want to bear his business risk, then he should act in any case and visit a bundle first. As a result of such efforts, there should probably be an action for the abolition of the common name due to the business name. Such a person clearly does not want to bear the business risk of his life partner, which the court should take into account in the assessment.

As can be seen from the link, manelstv is not only a safe place, but on the contrary, it can be a way to ruin. If you do not control the activities of the mane and are afraid of its collapse or indebted debt, do not be afraid to act. The worst is inactivity and a coincidence. The bohuel in the area of ​​в nep ‹в dlu‹ debt does not sting, and therefore is the best defense flow.

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