Retirement is a life step facing a cadon of thousands of people. There is a lot of dilemma when to retire exactly and how it will have an impact. According to current standards, salary is mainly based on: retirement is the first, not the obligation.

This year there will be a year of dark ronkm, which in 2017 will reach retirement age and will receive at least 33 years of pension insurance. He is the one who was born in January and June 1954. In this case, he got sweat from the sweat of his children and he was born in 1954 and 1959.

Achieving retirement age is not a reason to terminate employment and business. It is possible to continue in this activity even after the establishment of the right to an old-age pension and to gain a future pension with this percentage, explains Ji Biskup, the central director of the Czech Social Security Administration. According to Jiho Biskup, the SSZ will receive an average of 81 thousand enough for the old-age pension and 33 thousand enough for the old-age pension.

What is the financial impact when someone decides to retire? And how much will your pension be when you hunt it down at the moment when it reaches its pensions? And it pays to work so-called percentages?

To give you at least a basic idea of ​​how you can influence your pension by deciding when to apply for it, let’s pin three models of the situation. The proposals were prepared by the Czech Social Security Administration.

Those models of Mr. Peter’s situation

In our case, it is a pension for Mr. Peter from Prague, who has three life situations:

  1. File the day of retirement, when it reaches the retirement vk.
  2. Odejt do pedasn penze o rok dve, ne doshne dchodov vk.
  3. After reaching retirement age, work for one year and reward the retired servant.

In all cases, we will simplify the pot with the same deposit in the amount of 18,000 crowns. The basic amount of his pension will be the same in all situations, in the amount of 2,550 crowns.

1. situationon dchod

Petr reaches retirement age in 2018, retiring exactly on the date of the retirement year. Until the year zsk 46 years of insurance. This means that the percentage of his retirement income will be 69% (46 x 1.5%) of the base.

In the old-age pension granted from retirement age:
percentage amount 12 420 K + basic amount 2 550 K = 14 970 K

2. situationSpicy dchod

If he left for early retirement in 2017, by one year (365 days) two, his term of insurance would be one year shorter, ie 45 years of insurance, and the amount for early retirement will be 4.8% of the deposit. (for 5 cases of 90 daily sessions missing until reaching retirement age). The percentage of the income will therefore be 67.5% (45 x 1.5%) – 4.8% = 62.7% of the base.

Note: Early retirement is permanently reduced (864 K in this case for early retirement).

In the early retirement pension granted one year before reaching retirement age:
percentage amount 11 286 K + basic amount 2 550 K = 13 836 K

How to cut the percentage of pedasn pension
According to the day of attendance / percentage penalty
90 a mn91-180181-270271-360361-450451-540541-630
0,9 %1,8 %2,7 %3,6 %4,8 %6 %7,2 %
631-720721-810811-900901-990991-10801 081-1 1701 171-1 260
8,4 %9,9 %11,4 %12,9 %14,4 %15,9 %17,4 %
zdroj: SSZ

The shortening (sickle) is vertical for a long time, which mistakes from the admission of early retirement to reaching retirement age. The percentage of the pension decreases for each and every 90 calendar days from the date of granting the pension to reaching the retirement age. The money you lose will cost you hundreds and thousands of crowns. The temporary old-age pension is reduced even after reaching retirement age (more here).

3. situationRetirement at a percentage

If he works without a pension for one year (365 days) after reaching retirement age (so-called percentage) and retires and in 2019, the percentage of his pension will be 69% (for 46 years earned in the year). per retirement) + 6% (1.5% x 4) = 75% of the deposit.

Note: During the period of employment after reaching retirement age (excluding the retirement age), the percentage rate increases by 1.5% for each 90 days of this activity (plus one year of work without a retirement age and in this case 1,080 K).

In the old-age pension granted one year after reaching retirement age:
percentage of 13,500 K + basic amount of 2,550 K = 16 050 K

Podtreno to seteno:

The decision on the date of filing for a pension must be welcomed and consulted in advance with SSZ experts. This allows them to prepare specific proposals so that you can make the right decision.

In the model situation, the choice of a temporary pension compared to the pension days would mean a monthly financial loss of 1,134 crowns, which is a drop of 13,608 crowns per year. On the other hand, a percentage pension compared to the pension days would bring msn pilepen by 1,080 crowns, which is 12,960 crowns more per year.

If we compare the early retirement pension with the percentage pension, the difference is quite significant here. If Petr decided to retire at the age of two a year, he would receive only 13,836 crowns. However, if he worked at a percentage point for one year, he would receive a pension of 16,050 crowns, which is more than 2,214 crowns more. In a year, it would have an additional 26,568 crowns.

How, when and where to get enough to retire:

  • You can spend enough time on the District Administration of Social Security according to the city of permanent residence (in some cases, it is also possible for another OSSZ).
  • Take enough of the pension in person, or you can authorize another person to deposit the power of attorney for this action. enough with the applicant sepe employee of the pension insurance department.
  • You can submit enough for the pension at least three months before the required date of the pension. Later it’s mon anytime.
  • Take it easy that it will take some time. It is about time and time, when you need to enter and verify a lot of data, for example. so whether you worked abroad, whether you have an execution or you are in insolvency, or whether you take a pension from another institution, etc.

He gave important information for those who think about leaving for old age, Pruka summarizes future retirees. It explains the conditions of the right to retirement, the method of its return and payment, and the procedure for raising a pension.

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