His father was an averse gardener. Zdenk Adam must have helped him since he was a child and he didn’t see it. Pesto is now gardening iv, at the age of twenty-six. It operates two shops with supplies for gardeners. Five years ago, he opened an office in Ostrava-Porub.

You run a grocery store. We have the beginning of August, so the dams are probably not only planted, but also harvested? What does dl gardener own in lt?
Basically, every year, try to sell goods that are interesting for sale. It is true that the sale is not the same as it was in the spring, however, customers are running. You, for the same reason as you, that is, you woke up from vacation and found out that the balcony has known its name and you are looking for a replacement. And we are ready for that, we have the boxes ready so that even the one in the balcony is beautiful again.

And that’s all?
Not by far. We are preparing for the next season, it will break out in a thirteen days, and it will be the season of the village. And for the month, for two, there will be a period of fruit trees, it can also be read that the season with us never ends.

Do you grow plants yourself?
In the true sense of the word, no. There are companies that sell young and quality plants, and those that buy and plant, so they are about two and three months ready to sell, which is ideal. Thanks to this process, we are able to offer the customer the sun or for a sunny price, and in many goods we are significantly less competitive with the price.

I think that probably in the spring you are not in the spring today.
That’s right. Of course, it’s bad for the weather, but in April, May and June, several times more will be spent on sales. At the end of July, at the end of August, sales are more severe.

Is that quite sad?
No, it’s not about grief at all. First, it’s about having to be prepared for the fact that the sales season lasts about a year. I also know that during that time I have to spend and consider that I have to dissolve some funds in the next period, because even out of season I have to pay incomes, salaries and insurance. But it’s not sad. When the customer comes after the holiday and says, he bought it and it all blooms and it blooms beautifully for me, so it is a great reward for me as the owner.

He’s going to stop. you did not know that you did not have a brigade at the garden. Was it just a joke?
It really wasn’t too big. Moreover, it was not even a brigda, it was a work duty (smch). Only he had to accept it, the garden, which I didn’t like going to, was bought because of me.

I don’t understand that?
J was aunt and unfulfilled dt. And at that time he was growing cacti on the balcony and in his own apartment. My mother never liked it very much, and when I was supposed to drink in the world, she told me: Either a child or cacti. J natst won it, tta got a garden and built glasses for the cacti. Also j mm kt gardens emotion relationship. There are documentaries on 8mm film, where as a kid I walk on a rock in winter and in lt ear to flowers.

What has changed in relation to gardening?
That was thanks to you. My old siblings couldn’t get anyone to the gardens. But he was a former cantor and he tried differently. I was about eleven, twelve, at that time we were in the autumn Fle, there he bought me the first tulip bulbs and he put a meter of hurry on my garden and I could plant them on that hurry. And I was amazed at what came out of the ground.

Krsn colored tulips, including the first gardening shower.

Did you inherit a business spirit from your father?
So I’m not sure. Tta was a threat in the local union and they intervened with each other. I said when he gave something to someone and he asked what he was saying for the rest, leave it at that, that’s in the horseshoe. But um showed a business spirit quite early, that was my tr trct. When my father once again invited the clowns, I prepared a net for them, because he was also a recognized rock climber. I displayed them on benches with a nice, self-made For Sale sign.

How did it end up?
Not one was sold, everything I tore, I either had to put it back or it ended up on compost. So my first business experience was a huge mess, the crumbs were really used to trade.

After the round, you worked in the local collective farm as the head of horticulture.
Yes, I lasted for eleven years. I was financially full, into which I had to fit in, what and how I grow was basically up to me. It was not a problem, I learned how to grow flowers and flowers on a bike and in practice. But the only thing I would say the longest thing you need for such work and what you don’t prepare for bikes and what you don’t learn is work with people.

As a young ear, the team got about a dozen en. Twenty at a productive age, between the ages of twenty and thirty and working as a retiree, which was edest and more. Two irreconcilable camps, which came together on one or both days of pay, I also pedaled pay, got on a motorcycle and ran (laughs). It wasn’t until the veln calmed down that I shook myself.

Was there a problem?
At that time, in the horticulture of hours, the wage was three and five crowns an hour. The work was not easy, in the dark everyone was working hard in the field. Over time, I have learned that it is important to listen in the dark. I tried to be helpful and acknowledged, I knew almost everything about them and that’s what it’s about, that is, about the human approach. I think the first approach is perceived more sensitively than men. And again, I realized that what the women did and did, the men would not be able to do.

When and how did you start your own business?
J was actually forced to do so by circumstances. After the revolution, I received an offer from the Semena Praha store, which wanted a store in Ostrava. We managed to get a space on the ern meadow, we opened a shop, he took a look there. Only after about two years did the company start to have financial problems and even stopped paying them. And so that the store would not disappear, I issued an ivnostensk certificate and took over the store. I bought a soft contract, paid off debts, arranged orders and started a business on my own shirt.

How’s that lo?
Votku vborn. The store was set up, the people there were used to going, it was a huge currency. I think it was possible thanks to the fact that the store was not far similar. Sales grew kadoron by mile steps, I wondered when it would end? And it ended in vn. After some eight, ten years, there was a sudden drop from year to year, fifty percent of retail turnover.

What happened?
It was a period when the various markets began to grow massively. It wasn’t that customers didn’t come to us at all, but a lot of people drank to you just for something, for advice or just for information, and then they shamelessly announced that they were going to buy it at the market. Those were the crown moments.

How did you eil?
So how? time. I also considered selling the company and started negotiating with the buyer. Natst, we didn’t agree on the prices for which I’m rd today, I also started, I got into it for a while and Natst got out. Even then, I went to the next vr and overdraft to finance the fifth or mountain year. I also had other orders, gossiped public areas and planted greenery in the perimeter. It was also possible to decline in other areas, and most importantly, it was under some euphoria of business.

Didn’t you want to give it up then?
Jr. A mockrt. But it is set in life so that all the pieces that come are more motivating for me.

Do you have your own business today, for so late? And forever?
Mt’s own shop was my dream. But I wanted a place where I would have outdoor sales. It only took several years to issue all permits, business buildings are subject to a different approval regime.

Podnikte u skoro ticet let, mte njak recept na spch?
To consider myself a businessman, I am a bitch. The point is that work should be fun and satisfying, and that is my case. I think that’s the first premise. In the case of trade, a satisfied customer is the basis of the shower. And I am trying to impress my salesman that the customer is always right.

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