From the arrest of 2015, the pension will be frozen in the past, and the kadoron will increase by one-third of the growth of real wages and 100 percent of the number of consumer prices.

A decent pension is one of the basic pillars of every developed country. That is why I am very pleased that one of the main priorities of our ministry has been enforced, and that there is agreement on the need to improve senior life across the entire political spectrum, says Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Michael Marksov.

On average, the old-age pension has been increasing since January 200 korun msn,
z1076korun (give vz 2014) to 11276 korun, which is about 1.8 percent.

This is the average of those who change their pensions, get those who you change more. The pension consists of two hundred, basic and percentage areas. How will they get used to it?

  • Zkladn vmra vech dchod se zv o 60korun on 2400 crowns. Everyone gets that.
  • Percentage of the income with vol or 1.6procenta.

Thus, according to estimates, the darkness of half of the seniors is increasing in the range 151 a 200 korun, for an aunt senior, the outside of the retirement should be within range 201 to 250 korun.

Poet vech starobnch dchodc (vetn pedasnch)Average in old age pension *
k 30. 6. 20142 353 69111 050 K
k31. 12. 20132 34032110970 K
Poznmka: *old-age pensions permanently and temporarily shortened (granted according to 31 and 30 of the Pension Insurance Act) Source: SSZ

The reasons for the first amendment to the bill stated an increase of 205 crowns, but this estimate was based on its estimated wage growth for the first half of 2014 (forecast 2.5 percent), and thus the basic amount of income (50 crowns). Another basic and percentage ratio results in the fact that the actual valorisation of the average old-age pension is a few crowns lower, explains the speech of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Petr Hab.

The cost of the outside pension in 2015 will initpiblin seven billion crowns.

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