The shares have stabilized at low levels and will attract the attention of investors. It seems that they could soon give the sun a short term. Oil is still on top, the situation is on two fronts. The dollar is still weak and weak, esk exports to the US do not endanger it.

The US economy does not predict anything good. In the case of the US Federal Reserve (Ben), Ben Bernanke did not take unusual steps when he spoke in support of homeowners who got into trouble in connection with the real estate crisis. Most providers will help you with long-term dreaming rates. According to Bernanke, this may not be enough. According to him, it would be better if the provider of vr simply wrote off the principal of vr, he would have a long time to significantly reduce the installments. This makes me look elegant, definitely but not standard. It would ease the debt, but for banks it would mean depreciation and losses.

The sweat would be followed by a fall in the prices of their shares, which would certainly not like the shares. It is obvious that this is a guaranteed circle. Moreover, if the placement of the principal were to occur, the market prices of the securities held against these mortgages would fall very rapidly, which would be reflected in further losses for investors and banks.

If, for example, these securities are still invested in their portfolio, they would certainly be very distressed from this step, or their securities, perpetuated by the risk of a mortgage, so-called toxic waste, would immediately lose market value. This would not benefit two investors in the US financial system. What could follow after this step? He gave the dollar a fall, of course.

The dollar received money from both the euro and the koruna
The combined European currency, the euro, hit a record high against the dollar in the week and even set a new record of $ 1.53 per euro on Wednesday. Pbh is still the same. The euro area economy is showing no dynamism than the US economy and investors are getting rid of the US currency. A record strong euro and a weak dollar are also a problem for both the US and the euro area.

In the first place, the weak dollar is making US imports more expensive, which is pushing up inflation. Ben Bernanke is thus under double pressure. On the one hand, it needs to reduce rates for years to help the economy, on the other hand, it needs the risk of inflation.

The Fed currently prefers economic growth, so the decline in US rates has been expected, even by a quarter of a percent. The limit of $ 1.55 per euro can definitely be this month of pekonna. In the second place, the strong euro warms European exports and thus the economic growth of the euro area. The head of the European Union is urging the US administration to help stop the strong strengthening of the European currency, and that coordinated intervention will be needed.

It is especially important that in today’s globalized world of foreign exchange interventions do not prevent. That is why Jean-Claude Trichet is the main character in the foreign exchange market. Only this could help reduce the euro in dollar rates and weaken the euro.

The Czech koruna is evident in a good mood, with the dollar setting a new high of 16.28 crowns per dollar. Investments for the growing years of differences were not on the remaining difference in the year rates in the Czech Republic and the USA.

When did it drive me to ride the esk crown to end? That’s what new people dare or not. A dynamic view of this issue is represented by the so-called relative version of the theory of purchase parity. According to them, at present the so-called real exchange rate index is not one, which means the deteriorating competitiveness of the Czech economy in the USA, especially exports. A large percentage of Czech exports to the USA are not allowed, so from this point of view there should be no problem for the Czech economy. Investors will thus probably win Czech crowns and the development will be derived from other economic ones, especially from the USA.

Thus, the koruna set a new record for the euro, when the euro was traded for 24.82 crowns. The koruna will be even higher in the coming months in the coming months, as the reduction of annual rates in the Czech Republic will take place at the end of the year at the earliest, while the European Central Bank could bend it soon due to a slightly strong euro and many problems in the economy.

Ropa m nov rekord a dal ance
The price of oil remains at a record high. At that price, North Sea oil Brent lost $ 2.5, but in the middle of the oil, oil shot up sharply again, setting a new record of $ 102 a barrel. Oil has strengthened for two main reasons. First, it was surprising at first about the decline in oil stocks in the US, when analysts expected oil stocks to rise for eight weeks in a row, but there was a decline of 3 million barrels.

The second reason is the uprising on the border between Colombia and Venezuela, which announced that it is completing the transfer of ten tank battalions on the border with Colombia. Hugo Chvez thus reacts to the regional conflict that unleashed the conflict between Ecuador and Colombia. In addition, the OPEC oil cartel does not show any sign of oil production. The leader of this organization secretly believes that a possible decline in US demand due to the economic crisis will be more than offset by the growing demand from developing countries as well as India. We will simply have to get used to $ 100 a barrel of oil.

Investore, bu ostrait!
The stock is knocking on cities around the world this week. What is important, however, is that stock indices are close to their summer lows and they do not want to go under them even deeper, even negative ones from the USA at first. This suggests that the shares are relatively cheaper, however, investors are not sure about future economic prospects, so do not be embarrassed to buy. However, this will change quickly if they saw the first positive ones, especially from the USA. The stock investor should therefore be very careful at the moment and monitor the economic data. Pleasure to short-term profit will occur to me.

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