If you have a pension in the 3rd drink in the 3rd drink and you do not reach the end of the contract, the children can get me, you did not sleep. The reason is that there is no error in the contract. Let’s see how to fix it.

How do dd financial products? Some, such as supplementary pensions, have their first rights and inheritance, as does Mr Denis, who died this year.

They reduced the payment from the pension connection

Manel Mr. Denisy concluded fifteen years of pension connection connected to the bank’s bank. here the pension will be connected on the day of the dead manel.

The pension fund reduced its salary by no more than a thousand thousand crowns.

Didn’t she get everything for Mr. Denisa?

In this case, the pension fund proceeded correctly in accordance with the conditions of the pension supplement and, in the certificate, paid only the so-called sales. The attending person, Mr. Denisa’s husband, did not use the first person to qualify for a person or had a so-called survivor’s pension.

What to do to keep the shortening down

If you are not indifferent to any pensioner, what will happen to the pensioner after your death, you should have this first outburst. right after your death. It is not necessary to wait for the marriage of a child, in addition, this person will receive a pension regardless of whether he is a child.

Just stating the right person to go does not mean that they get really big after your death. If the person entitled in the contract is determined, and therefore disputes in the pension fund do not become the subject of inheritance, the following situations may arise:

1. The pension fund is paid only for sale, you lose your contribution
Upon death, the pension fund pays the participant so-called sales, which is a one-time amount paid, which corresponds to the amount reduced by the written contribution (the fund is returned) and the tax years. This occurs in the case when the survivor’s pension was not agreed in the contract or was agreed, but the conditions for its payment were not met.

2. Pension fund to pay a survivor’s pension, you will not lose your contribution
The survivor’s pension is paid to the rightful person in case the participant dies at the earliest after 3 and 5 years of savings (according to the specific pension benefit). This pension also includes a small contribution, so it is in comparison with sales, the income. The survivor’s pension cannot be used once. Some funds can pay it off in a few small installments (according to the full amount).

The contract can be changed later

If you do not remember whether you have given the right to a person and a survivor’s pension when signing the contract, please tell me.

The survivor’s pension together with the entitled person can be added to the contract free of charge later, and fully changed to another person at any time during the term of the contract. When determining the person’s name in the contract, you must state, name, date and place of birth of the person’s name and thus the percentage according to which this person will be entitled.

This option applies to both two supplementary pension schemes and also to the new supplementary pension scheme.

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