The big game of the real estate market comes up with a breakthrough novelty. Together, set up a Developer Center, where I want to offer comprehensive services to small and medium-sized developers. From consultations in the fzi project dog vbr supplier and to marketing and sales units.

It will now be easier for investors to gain a foothold in the development market. By owning building plots, old innovative and prefabricated houses and land, we will help implement their development projects. They will not have to deal with the difficulties arising from individual projects, but will be able to focus only on its effectiveness and affordability. We, Vanda Janovsk, business director of Maxima Reality, will take care of the rest.

The Maxima Reality real estate agency merged in the Developer Center. and Next reality, pedn esk real estate portal, company ProBydlen, marketing company Redema, financial experts from Cheetah finance and traditional esk supplier of home furnishings SIKO.

They will offer advice, which, even with the established developer, will reduce the costs associated with the implementation, construction and sale of the project.

Developei has a huge account for outsourcing, when they will not have to build a marketing or sales department, to Petr Makovsk, the executive director of The reward is mutually and for sale an apartment. We focus on the common spch. We do not want a small developer to pay pointless pensions for services that go unheard of kenho effect, add.

One of the main goals of the Center for Developers is to create meaningful projects that will bring developers expected profits, and at the same time people will live in them for a while.

We don’t just offer help from the business and marketing side, our flying experience is at the forefront of project setup. By optimizing the composition of the apartment and layout, we will help maximize the sales area, which will result in more space in the individual apartments and you profits from their sale. We will help with the selection and optimization of the system supplier of standard and standard materials. to Ji Vajner from ProBydlen.

The center for developers will also take care of client changes, from which an attempt will be made to make the most of the developer. Thanks to the experience, the specialist at the Center can support the project not only in the potential of overall optimization, but also in other marketing promotion and the sale of real estate itself.

When we process more than three thousand requests for real estate, we are also the only ones involved in the market with so-called lead-generation sales of real estate, to Makovsk about the Performance project, which deals with marketing support for the sale of real estate via the Internet ji adu let.

The new partnership of the company with many years of real estate practice pins a comprehensive service. We have not only experienced not only experience in the real estate market for more than twenty years, but also statistics, which we use to optimize the project and its sale, concludes Robert Hanzl from Next Reality.

Thanks to the Center for Developers, developers do not have to worry that their investments will not be lost.

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