If you do not want to risk that your holiday in Croatia instead of 20,000 crowns will cost 190,000 crowns, you will take out travel insurance. Do not rely on health insurance.

Do you think that on holiday you can get on with health insurance and travel insurance is a luxury? Then take care that if you have a medical problem and go to the doctor, you will have to pay far enough instead of hundreds of crowns for travel insurance (daily insurance of skull expenses to 13 crowns).

With the insurance card, which has a blue European health card on the back, you are entitled to the same health care as the local population in the states of the European Union and several other countries (for example in Croatia, Romania, Montenegro or Norway), but in most countries patients na lbu i lky piplcej.

This means that you also pay the co-payment and it will not be low. On holiday in Croatia, I sold a stroke, spent a week in the hospital and the total cost 130,000 crowns. If I did not have travel insurance, which cost me 300 crowns, I would have to pay almost 40,000 crowns for the loan, first Karel Nov.

In Croatia, they will want to pay 30 percent extra after vs, but elsewhere you also have a share. In Denmark, for example, you can add as much as 60 percent for medicine, and for that tooth it is 100 percent. The fact that you risk it could be considered only in Slovakia, Poland or Hungary, where health care is uncomplicated or very cheap and most are contracted. In addition, if you hit the private office, not only pay the co-payment, but the whole. With that, you will go to the health insurance company, which will pay you the difference.

full financial is a special transport home, which the health insurance, unlike the travel connection does not cover. For example, transporting a patient by air from Split costs about 150,000 crowns, according to Jaroslav Kratochvlov from AXA Assistance. If you only bet on health insurance, you will have to do without assistance. Imagine, for example, that you crashed in the Italian countryside, took the rescue service to the hospital. You will not understand the place, because do not speak English, then Italian, you will be in the eye and scared.

It is now the cheapest

Precisely in these cases, the assistance, which ensures the transport of the patient, oversees the progress of the disease and arranges a translation or consultation with the Czech student, is unpaid. It is important to arrange for the patient’s home to be transported. This is especially important in countries where there is poor health and transport to save lives.

Payment card with co-participation
If you do not carry a gold or platinum card in your wallet, do not rely on a credit card card either. Make sure your cardholder covers 100 percent of the cost, or if you cover it. The co-payment is valid for payment cards, and if you had to pay 5 percent of the price, for example, after the heart collapse in the USA (ie from 600,800 crowns), which is required by eBanka, card insurance would be costly. With some banks, you can provide better travel insurance for a fee.

Yak dostitn uzavt levnji
You can close the travel insurance in person at any branch of the insurance company or by phone, but it is more convenient via the Internet. Pojiovny offers online discounts of 10 and 15 percent. Allianz even provides young people up to the age of 26 with a 50 percent discount when arranging internet or telephone by the end of the holidays. The condition is travel around Europe, for a maximum of 90 days. When the contract is agreed online, the salary and from the moment when the insurance company receives payment on et. If you do not pay by card but by bank transfer, you will not forget that it will take me two days.

It is more suitable to buy insurance when you choose an insurance company that cooperates with your health insurance company or with whom you have insurance. For example, clients of PWD have a 25 percent discount at Vitalitas.

How much does the insurance event cost you

600 800 K Heart collapse in the USA
540,000 K Asthmick seizure in Italy
320,000 K Injuries while diving into water in Croatia
250,000 K Peprava family after accidents in Croatia
230,000 K Blind surgery in Greece
166 500 K Fracture of limb in Croatia
130,000 K Brain stroke in Croatia
112,000 K Virov lace in France
32 200 K Fracture of limb in Slovakia
High blood pressure and allergies in Slovakia

Source: Allianz pojiovna,

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