A mortgage without proof of income is often the only option to file housing for applicants from a new or “cost-optimizing” entrepreneur. Under what conditions do banks provide these vry?

Tax-optimizing self-employed and small entrepreneurs are in the habit of bragging about their colleagues, partners and friends, employees on standard employment, disputes over the payment of income taxes and contributions to health and social insurance. You can really drown in the deposits where what.

Stt se me cokoli

However, all their backs and lc and the role of these “smiles” can quickly change in a situation where the “peek” long-term illness, become permanently disabled, retire with insufficient financial reserve, which would subsidize the state pension, or will want to enter at the bank about vr. In our case about vr to live.

And until recently, the self-employed had to fulfill the mortgage from the building society well in advance so that the regular income documented by the tax return would be available for the assignment of the bank and the client would thus receive a creditworthy for the bank.

An alternative was (and still is) an unlicensed mortgage provider of a kind with benevolent lending rules. Negotiating mortgages with these subjects may in some cases be better than hell to a new home.

Mortgages without proof of income
For these bank applicants, the group of potential applicants is constantly changing, and therefore they are willing to finance less creditworthy clients, respectively. clients without edn ovench pjm. And even with the risk of deteriorating the quality of the hive portfolio.

At the end of the year, a small number of small entrepreneurs registered a total of 718,992 social security reports. The offer applies, of course, to natural persons who do not want to publish their income, but also to entrepreneurs without a tax return.

Due to the fact that the client only submitted a statement to the bank about his income, resp. turnover on tech, etc., banks first consider these clients as more risks. For this reason, the conditions for providing this type of mortgage debt are tightened, for example, by a limited amount of funding or banks provide mortgages in many of them, not as the value of the property, included as a mortgage deposit.

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