This year, the worlds are likely to be poor. Kadoron’s growth in households has stalled and the resulting amount is even estimated, according to estimates for 2006 values.

So it seems that the financial crisis has raised concerns about future incomes. And so he put himself into the scales of the first year, but also the old purchases.

The first weekend of Advent does not confirm the sale

Although it is too early to go to the overall evaluation, however, do not confirm the first information about how to buy, at least for some traders, the expected decline in sales.

“Tesco drank 20% more customers for the purchase during the first Advent compared to the usual weekend, which is roughly the same as last year,” Eva Karasov, the first spokeswoman for Tesco Stores R, as, commented for

According to her, the number of sales for individual types of goods and depending on the region varies in tens of percent (approximately from 10 to 50%). The biggest concern is the games and electronics. People also buy both fresh and durable food in large quantities. Their sale in Tesk was called piblin o ptinu.

Na vnon nkupy mme pipraveno asi 15 tisc

According to a November survey conducted for Citibank by the STEM / MARK agency, they are not going to spend more than in previous years, which was the rule so far. Many people did not even want to go into debt.


This year, for the first time, 5,250 crowns are going to be spent on fragrances, which is the answer in 2006. For other expenses related to fragrant holidays, such as the sapling of trees, food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, then sweat with a hundred around a thousand crowns. The two-member household will spend around 15,000 crowns this year, which is the same as two years ago.

S pjkou na pozen drk v podob krtkodobho vru (kreditn karta i kontokorent) pot kad est dotzan. Pevn st bude krt zven vdaje z vlastnch spor.

“After five years, the average wage has risen by about 15 percent since 2006, with a relative increase of 6.5 percent, and the track for the company’s prices is still the same, just over five thousand crowns. On the other hand, the volume of shopping at forced discounts is growing significantly. Today, half of the respondents think about them and the growing volumes of purchases are growing, ”said Tom Motl, research manager at Citibank.

Shops will see real support and after Christmas

If the stores now seem full, the situation in the world is likely to go up. This year, each species is fulfilling a large discount. 43% of them have reserved at least 3,000 crowns in the house budget, and thus the same number meets the reduced prices for purchases in values ​​from one to three thousand crowns.

On the contrary, when sold after Christmas, it is better to avoid each species. The most frequently mentioned reason is the lack of pensions, but also the resistance to establish full-time business. Don’t even interest the whole quarter of them.

In the popularity of the purchased assortment, he leads clothes, shoes and sports equipment. They are followed by electronics in the home (eg TVs, DVD players, computers, cameras, etc.), small household appliances (needles, mixers, etc.) and appliances (refrigerators, dishwashers, slingshots).

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