A number of well-known personalities, such as Klra Issov, Tatiana Vilhelmov or Zuzana Norisov, worked through Lenka Ottov’s dance studio. How did the company defend itself and where did Mr. Otto suffer the most?

How did npad start a tanen studio?
This nad began to be born at a time when I found out what all the dancing pinst me and how reserves exist in our dance market. I realized that movement is not just fitness activities or jazz gymnastics, which existed in our country until then, but that there is a wooden superstructure, which is undoubtedly a dance pin. After the revolution, when it was possible to start a business, I tried to fill this “kind on our market.

We prepared for the series a conversation with interesting personalities who started a non-traditional business and succeeded. In individual parts, well-known actors, singers and models, among others, shared their experience from the business world with you.

In previous works, for example, you could do as much as it is, do business in show business, trade in flowers and sell weapons.

Another reason was the fact that after some of my students in foreign dance studies, I realized that dance is not just for young children or professionals. As in western countries, here forty years I have a classical ballet just for fun, for the joy of movement, or to stand in one of the positions of flamenco and stir up the blood of ilch in the rhythm of fire dance.

Of course, I knew how conservative and anxious women are here so that they would not be embarrassed in front of others. On the one hand, I was afraid of that, on the other hand, it was tempting to change those stupid prejudices.

Is your distance related to dance?
I graduated from the Faculty of Arts, majoring in psychology pedagogy. After I started dancing, the neighborhood started to tell me that I should make a professional dance bike. I resisted for a while, but then I began to mind that there is no change in mm CV in connection with the distance dance.

This was the main reason why I found myself one day in exams at HAMU, a field of choreography, and at the age of 37 she started studying again. Since these bikes do not exist as a veern study, I went with bnmi, ie young students, which in the age was quite comical.

Premises are yours or rented? Was the original death like the studio today, or did you have other ideas?
We should rent the studio space, but I haven’t thought about my own land yet. Tanen studio is not a business that would go to private spaces in the center. And I wouldn’t want them anywhere else.

I think my death was over. Prostor time space where the hearing is located (krsn 3 glazed mirror air-conditioned hearing), the center of Prague, this is a combination that speaks for itself. Of course there is still something to glue, but it’s probably everywhere. The fact that even at the same time the capacity is not enough, I was looking for space.

What do you offer in the dance floor?
And imagine anything that comes to mind in connection with dance, you will find it in us. We offer dance courses for all ages, as evidenced by the fact that eu ns tan had children from 2 years, we use different dance styles for teenagers, we also have dance courses for adults.

In the studio, there is a tanna preparation for children from 10 years of age. It is a five-year study of exchanges for contemporary modern dance. Many children from this product, which we will call Junior Dance, used to go to a conservatory in the past and put a medium tan of cola.

It is important to note that among our lecturers there are a number of the best dances in Prague and many foreign educators work in it. His projects here create choreographers of European format.

Dance Perfect thus provides the background for the professional dance ensemble DOT 504, which I am an artistic fem and which was created on the basis of a grant from the Master of the Capital City of Prague. It is now entering the second season and it is really the peak of contemporary modern dance in the Czech Republic. Operating on scnch in customs in the republic and even abroad. It’s such a baby, but I’m very proud of it.

Do you have a wide range of questions about the client, the people who came to see you – did you know in advance that this will be the case, or did you fulfill your education for a certain age group?
I had no idea about the arrest, I just threw myself into it. It’s normal for me to go crazy for him and go head to head. I am the sign of the ram. But I’ve known her since her arrest that I don’t want to give courses only for children or only for adults.

My goal was to address a wide range of clients so that everyone could find something according to their ideas. And that came true in my mind. There is no tanen style that is missing in the mm tanenm studio. And on the steppe, which has no floor. Currently, our studio is visited by around 3,000 people in half a year.

It’s no secret that u vs u dance and celebrities…
The celebrities or their children have been innumerable here, I can mention for example Lucia Zednková, flamenco was interesting here. Music for a change captivated Klra Issová for a change, but Jazz Dance aroused the most interest, it was performed by Tatiana Vilhelmov, Lucie Vondrkov or you Zuzana Norisov. Chod k nm i Bibiana Bry Nesvadbov, Kaenka Kateiny Broov, daughter of Zdek Izer and others.

How did you drink mrous? Didn’t you think the courses would not be used?
I was careful not to open a large number of these courses immediately. Currently, there is a boom in children’s courses, which is most likely caused by the popular explosion.

We currently have a course for children of 24 years seven weeks, but it is still not possible. In our morning, it looks like a mother’s eye. It’s very funny, because the children are decorated in ballet skirts and some of them go under the skirt to peek diapers.

What makes you most happy in business?
There are too many miles when you come to work in the morning, let go of the mail and mail to the one where the talented client will tell you how satisfied he was at the public Street Street lesson. That’s the feeling. But the biggest thing is when I look into the individual sessions and see the mixed people dancing side by side of different ages. The fact that the age differences have been erased, the fact that a 17-year-old girl is dancing side by side with a 40-year-old lady, that’s really real. I think it was possible to overcome the Czech clutter and complexes that have existed here for a long time. So I’m very interested in the studio visiting the whole musk population.

What did dance mean for vs?
I sacrificed dancing a lot, basically every free moment of my life so far. I was so obsessed with dancing, and I am surprised that my family has succeeded and to the present.

I have late pedestrian houses, open on Saturdays, Sundays. On the contrary, she was very supportive in those moments that of course occurred. Dance is for life, relaxation, just about everything.

Have you ever done business in any other field?
Yes, although I must admit that it was a complete year from which I recovered both mentally and financially for several years. Five years ago, I decided to rent a large space next to my tanenho studio in the Metro passage and wall a café combined with a bar.

It was a large space (80 places to sit, a large bar) and she naively thought that the cafe would be frequented by dance, it would also function as a kind of tanner. So I gave various dance events, some of which, according to the guests’ reaction, were absolutely hasty and became very popular.

Bohuel gastronomick brane is a little different than tanen. If you don’t sit at the cash register in your business every day, suddenly find that you have nothing to sit for. Just sit on two idls.

I ended up closed and duly exhausted. The last installments of the heat come to me in the spring and thus the memory of a really unsuccessful business. I’d rather say renm: “Eve, hold on to your hooves, and do what you really know.

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