Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is interesting in the dark. Swallow millions and promote them for good. Here some employees have a fence, elsewhere a sports day for children. According to Tom Poucha from the Institute of Internal Communication, I am helping, but meaningfully and purposefully in the field in which the company operates.

The Ipsos survey showed that for 78% of employees, it is important whether their company is socially responsible. they are thus willing to recommend such a company. That is why the number of companies that try to do good deeds is growing. They want to be visible on the market and support the good character of the employer. But umj it? The problem is that they often spend their pensions on projects without thorough preparation. It’s just that the company wants it. But companies should not read the idea that I should be well connected to business, to Tom Pouch.

Also, what does it look like in the Czech Republic with CSR?
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a very batik thing in our country. It is an embracing tree, it is a recognizable bowl and a new view of the world. And when you open this darkness, the people are quite militant. Pensions for the disabled or for children are not provided. Don’t you have a disability or children? ask. Unfortunately, this has put CSR in a situation where there is no doubt about it, but in reality it is not known what it is. I ask the company manager what they own from the fact that their employees paint fences somewhere. And they look at me like I don’t understand, because what should they get out of it? Well, the furnace has to be done just like that. But that’s not entirely true.

So how do you pay?
It must have a logical and meaningful connection to what the company is dedicated to. Also, if I’m a bank, and two pensions for racing or ballet, it’s nice, but no one wants for just ballet or con. People want the company to be responsible, as evidenced by the first Ipsos survey, but expect it to focus on charity in its field.

So, for example, there is a belief among people that the bank is id and mate. CSR should also focus on increasing financial literacy. Or what is the biggest problem of large factories? Probably not the environment. Thus, in the framework of CSR, they should pay attention to the darkness of the environment and not that there will be two pensions for firefighting, even if it is nice. According to the public opinion, retail does not treat employees very nicely. So for social responsibility not to invent something for n?

So good must make sense.
Eat. Don’t do business to make us smile, but do business for a pension. We should also read CSR as I can. I don’t have to dig up, but it helps me mark. Recently, one of the biggest Czech companies told me that CSR is perfect, that they gather themselves once in a while and go to the selected wheel to paint fences or plant trees.

And j asked for? The employees are happy, get to know each other and let’s go, kali. That’s great, but what about a company? By the way, the fences are painted in large numbers – I even thought that I would buy a large fence somewhere so that people from companies could use it to paint as they needed. But I resisted.

I often hear that companies choose different things from employees and take them to children’s homes. But those children’s homes and where: we don’t want anything, we have a lot. But if in the children’s home the company gave the children rid of the morning, explained to them what financial literacy is or how to take care of the environment, then it will make sense and also support the character. By setting CSR correctly, the company can really move to the better.

So where is the main problem? In manaers?
The problem is often in mylen, in top management strategy. Those bears are flying, somewhere just years old, elsewhere they pee sugars and no one does. It is also up to you that someone from top management piel and say: we should take a different path. But there are also companies that have CSR activities pushed from below, so employees decide on them. You agree that I want to build a hit in the city of football. And they are happy about it and they are loyal to your employers.

Let’s talk about mistakes in setting social responsibility, but there are also companies that can do that, right?
Yes, there are a number of companies that realize that these activities should be in some way, and that CSR should not be big. Their maturity in myths first manifests itself by realizing how the people take the company outwardly and direct the activities accordingly. Even companies that are completely washed away responsibly and among their values ​​include the fact that they are so fierce that they refuse to cooperate with someone who has a bad reputation. And even with the knowledge that they are losing a job, a pension.

And then there are companies that do not have a good reputation due to their field of business, do a lot of activities, good, washed out, but the people do not appreciate it. For example, the tables of a company or society that move on the edge of popularity, ie they are popular for someone, others reject them. You have it in total.

Is it your responsibility to show you?
Some companies behave responsibly and the public does not even know about it. For example, you may be a German company that is primarily engaged in the sale of flowers, but also offers consumer goods. They have to shake up the company. And so he is responsible for many decades, but he changes his projects. For us, the example may have been companies that have been raising awareness of events in their region, but they may not call it CSR activities at all. But I think I know about it. When I can, I should help and move the world. And ct aloud is not wrong. It is probably when the words, a little long, are over the real.

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