A great first for managers and especially when paying employees is to introduce the maximum redundancy of employees for paying insurance premiums. For me, the happy first time for all people paid in companies in this way is the fact that this limit will not be reflected in January. So at least not those who take msn mn not a million crowns.

An inevitable change in the reform of public finances is the introduction of a ceiling on contributions paid even in the case of employees. While the self-employed have been using this benefit for a long time, the employees and at present have paid a social contribution to the total wage, regardless of her knowledge. This is from 1.1.2008 mn and Kon 589/1992 Coll. on insurance for social security introduces a maximum payout base, which is 48 times the average wage. It is not worth taking a calculator and looking to go the average wage. The reality is that for the year 2008 the maximum exchange base is 1,034,880 K.

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Some managers reach the ceiling in May, others reach you in November
The mentioned amount, which exceeds one million crowns, is Brno as a depositor. If we divide it by the mass, we will get about a small average exchange base of 86 thousand crowns. If you are in a situation where a similar reward for work will not be threatened even in the competition of various direct and bonus, then, unfortunately, this novelty will not affect the reform of public finances. If this happens, you should lose your attention.

If you belong to a handful of the chosen ones and your salary is around one hundred thousand months and so, so take it that in January the thorn’s wages will not discount a crown. Although you can easily move over a change in the ceiling, when projecting a hundred-thousand-meter base for an entire calendar year, this proportion will not penetrate. There will be no logical division of wages into 86 thousand paid levies and 14 thousand unpaid levies.

The reality will be such that the wages of the thorn will keep internal records from the end of the year, and for these news, the exchange of deposits will be made for each employee. By common logic, we come to the conclusion that an employee with a deposit of 250 thousand months will reach the ceiling for the payment of insurance premiums in May payments (note: three payments after 250 thousand are one million, and therefore a substantial number of May payments will be exempted). The same methodology will be applied to employees with a hundred thousand salary, with the fact that it will reach the ceiling in November 2008.

Are they fighting about brain hunters vs? You better confuse the city at the end of the year than you in the middle of it
The basic methodological assumption is easy to use for a hunter who will work for one and the same employer throughout 2008. However, it happens that this time the hunter is paid for various reasons due to changes in the city. If the mentioned employee (with a deposit of a quarter of a million) left the company in May and started working elsewhere from August, the new employer would not accept the ceiling once met. His wage thorn is obligatory to apply the same methodology as I described in. In the course of 2008, the demolition will cover the deposits, and if the hell is limited by the end of 2008, it will similarly apply a ceiling to its payment. In practice, moreover, it happens that elite managers will be employed by more than one employer at a time. Even in this case, the wage thorns will proceed individually according to the methodology.

Mete se dokat i peplatku. Podte o nj a OSSZ vm ho vrt
An employee with income from only one employer will not have to deal with the bottom of the administration, or this ceiling will, in a good sense of the word, push away his wages. However, another situation will concern, for example, people employed by two or more employers. Based on the methodology (where wages are paid and up to the ceiling, regardless of the wages of other employers), it will happen to such an employee that he will have so-called overpaid at the DSSA.

The employee must file with the employer for the sum of his deposit documents for the entire calendar year. He is obliged to issue such a certificate to him no later than eight days after the submission. The first route to the OSSZ should follow, where there will be a lot of refund (enough to be confirmed by the employer). The fee for the refund of the overpayment fee is five years from the end of the year for which the overdraft fee was created. This is only marginal, but it seems logical to me that everyone will want to spend their pensions right after the end of the year and the creation of this right.

The ceilings are definitely a new feature. On the other hand, this one will probably attract the overwhelming majority of the working population, which will not be affected by this change. On the other hand, the salary slogan gave life, took life, and you will be the first elite in your employer in the first year and you will use these levies.

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