The actual date, which according to the law is valid for entering the second sawmill for people over the age of 35, is Monday, July 1, 2013, because the last June falls on Sunday. Ondej Kubala, the Association of Pension Funds, explains who is able to join even later.

Whose song is the end date of July 1st?
This date applies only to people who were 35 years old last year or two. If someone was 35 years old this year, we can decide by the end of this year.

  • Pklad: a hunter who celebrated his 35th birthday in December 2012, I can enter the second sawmill and only until the end of June (respectively. until July 1), a hunter who celebrated his 35th birthday in May this year, has time to decide and by the end of the year .

And what ever is without an income, you for parental leave?
People who are unemployed at the time of their fifth birthday, work abroad, are on maternity and parental leave to enter the sawmill for the next time. He has to decide to pl year from the moment they drill back into work, even if they are less than 35 years old.

  • Pklad: My mother was born in June 2012 at the age of 34. He will return to work and after those years in 2015, when he will be at the age of seventy. From the moment the well is drilled, the decision to enter the next saw will be msc.

How am I interested in entering the system first from the elderly?
Your current 35-year-old people have 63 percent of all who have entered the sawmill so far, and in June they are growing the fastest of the year. According to the president of the Association of Pension Funds Karel Svoboda, it is clear to see that people who are retired have lost a lot more, look for more detailed information and always realize that the state pension will never be what they used to be. the youngest, who would often pay the most in the second saw, leave it decided for later with the feeling that they should go enough time.

Ad kaj: enter the second sawmill, don’t take your pension, but spot it for yourself. Can you send it out?
One of the reasons for people entering the sawmill for the second time is the possibility to pay a fortune on social security and keep these pensions for themselves. The type of saw works in such a way that whoever joins it will not have to pay the state 28 percent for social security, but only 25 percent with the remaining three percent of the gross salary will contribute to each month in his own pension to the second sawmill. The condition is that the hunter contributes two percent of his salary to these percentages from the state.

  • Pklad: If we take a hunter with an average salary of 20 thousand crowns for a simplified deposit, enough of the cities drank 600 crowns in the second place (from their 400 msn). He will receive 7,200 crowns a year from the state, in the case of a building society it is possible to obtain a maximum contribution of a maximum of 2,000 crowns a year, and in the third year he has 2,760 crowns a year in the case of a pension savings bank.
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