At the meeting of the dynasty was Adolf I., a chest from Rokytno, who was the first in Novomstsko to make lye. His descendants not only flourished the company, but were also full of seducers.

When Rudolf Gabessam of Fryavsk boasted to the innkeeper Kosk in Studnick Paseky near Novy Mesto na Moravi to boast new skis from Norway (according to other sources from the Austrian slag), the innkeepers were so interested that he wanted to make the same lye. But because he didn’t get along with the hard-core advice, he went to Rokytn to win over the carpenter Adolf Slonek. And he made them according to the pattern. The year was 1896 and they were the first ski on Vysoin.


At the time, Slonek, known in their family history as Adolf I., steamed their pizza in a pot on a kitchen stove, so that he could then bend it on the wheel of the car. It was said that Adolf Slonek could make everything from a cradle to a mill wheel to a coffin.

He had ten children, one of whom soon died. He had no need for a follower, he had seven sons. They used stolai, one tesaem, one machine, one book, one became a teacher. Vichni was somehow involved in the running of the company. Adolf then, with the help of his family, bought a house in Novo Mst na Morav, where they began production in Sri Lanka, first the successor of the dynasty, Milan Slonek, the great-grandson of the founder.

Today, it operates a shop with ski equipment in the same town, as well as custom-made chest production. A few years ago, for the meeting, Novch Mst from all over Europe produced a two-meter ski, which is on display in front of the Ski Hotel near the famous Vysoina Arena.

If I could make a custom replica of a historical lye? I have not had such a demand yet. Tvarov would not be a problem, it would be lye napait and bend, Milan Slonek fell in love. According to him, non-standard production would cost several thousand crowns.

But back to history. Brothers Adolf and Antonn, sons of Adolf I, first continued the family tradition. Full of enterprising brother Peru of the first wolf world, Adolf junior wagered as a Russian legion house of wolves in 1920.

The Slonkov brothers bought ash and other trees in the area, but for special devo hickory, ie the Canadian eye, they went to Hamburg. Such devo was transported by dog ​​to the German port. There, the Slonks bought a quantity of wood, after which they arrived in Mlnko or in the cracks of Holeovice, where they paddled on the market and drank, and in Milan Mlon, Milan Slonek.

The contract for the army helped

But they also saw the weight. During the economic crisis, a tax was imposed on lye. And its abolition in 1930 made it possible to spread between the layers. The fact that Adolf, as a retired legion, won a lye contract and a military box for the army, also helped the company with an elephant in the crisis. In the middle of the thirties, the Slonks also shared a sawmill operation and a pastry shop powered by a steam engine.

Lye was first made from a single piece of wood, and from 1935 it began to be glued. Sted lye was lightened from mkkho deva, upper plt and base from hard. According to them, they were not taped or bent, but they were glued to the shape of the model.

Slonkov tried to accommodate the growing sweat of customers with a wide range of products – they produced bikes (Harus Special, Hvzda, Trojuhelnk), lye special seduction, jumping, downhill slalom and children’s models. In Brno, there was a warehouse and shop for other sports equipment.

For a kind of worlds, wolves lye to grow, all finished products were confiscated by the Germans. And the 1948 dive saw the end of free enterprise.

In 1950, the national company Sport was founded, which absorbed all local producers (in addition to Slonk, Rohlka with Chroust, pinara, brothers Mokr and Formnka note. red.). My team was made a leader because production continued with us. He later resigned, but in Sport he did a long time and took part in the development, l sloit similar to Milan Slonek.

Production near Slonk lasted until about 1970, no new plant was created on a green meadow near Pohledce. After the privatization, the company Sporten was established from the national company, which was bought by one of the richest ech Tom Nmec. He wants to have a very full, beck and downhill lye in the World Cup in a few years.

Ladislav (II.) Slonek became one of the traditional leaders of Zlata lye, his founding charter signed by Adolf I., to become an international leadership and later a svk. As a mob, he defended eight winter Olympics in various roles, and to this day he is an expert led by the FIS Beck Commission.

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