Last year, some pension funds raised 20% of their investment. Even this year, many of them will be in the red again. In contrast, in the case of transformed funds, where most of them retire, only a decline can be expected after deducting inflation.

To the question that they remain in transformed funds, when they lose their pensions in them, the answer is difficult. These pension funds increase their pension value by a maximum of less than two percent each year, but they do not increase by one and sometimes not even. Yes, their advantage is that the value of the property in them must not fall below zero, valued at disputed values. This is the first reason, do not overcome inflation for these funds.

I will not deal with transformed funds that are suitable for salamanders. In any case, we have quite a few supplementary pension fund funds here, and Martin Tomnek, an investment group analyst at Partners Group.

While mutual funds may report losses for some years, pensions over a long investment horizon with the first chosen investment in the vast majority of cases will increase by no more than one percent, but you by nine percent.

There are relatively large differences between the pension funds offered by domestic pension companies. Some dynamic equity funds focus more on the Central European region, others practically ignore it and invest in the USA, Germany and the like. It is not so bad that you can roll a dice when choosing an investment fund, there are differences, says the investment analyst.

Managing a transformed fund is cool

Vc m but also gave a dimension. At first, transformed funds are significantly cheaper for pension companies than with mutual funds. In the case of transformed pension funds, invest in quality bonds and thus end it.

Conversely, in the case of equity funds, they have to buy assets much more often in order to increase their pension value, and this depends on fees. The fees of the funds themselves to their clients are regulated at the same time. Perhaps this is the reason why most pension funds do not want to explain to their participants that pension funds are more suitable than transformed funds. What applies even when a person retires still enough time. However, it is necessary to change the type of fund.

Nejvce lid spo s Generali

Most people in retirement in the Czech Republic through the Generali pension company. It cared for 1.1 million clients in this year. There were 834 thousand of them in the transformed fund and 267 thousand people in the employee funds. According to CEO Radek Moce, the company is actively trying to explain the investment opportunities of mutual funds to the clients of the transformed fund, who have to spend at least ten years together.

We have simplified and accelerated the transition to the new spoen conditions as much as possible. The activity of the new contract on supplementary pension savings (DPS) expires on the 1st day of the month following the month when the pension company receives the form of the new contract. This formula also includes enough of the transfer, explains the Power.

In practice, it seems that if the contract is delivered, for example, on the 30th day, the new PCB contract will take effect from 1 April. Disputes from the transformed fund are transferred to the new PCB contract within five working days, ie no later than 7 April.

S: Dost online, lhta dva msce

At the end of this year, the pension company registered a total of 944,197 clients. Of which 555377 with supplementary pension and 388824 with supplementary pension.

We do not motivate participants to switch to the PCB. The client can transfer the contract to the PCB via online sales, or visit his advisor, Lenka Hlov, the director of sales and marketing of the pension company esk spoitelny.

According to n, the process is quick and easy. After sweating, it takes about two months.

How is it with SOB

The total number of SOB pension company members was 653 thousand at the end of this summer, of which 449 thousand were in the transformed fund. In SOB, the transition from the transformed fund to the employee fund can take place within a few days.

For legislative reasons, very bad on when the client is quite below. This is technically a notice and a new contract. The notice is always valid on the last day of the calendar month. It is therefore bad when the client in the month of change changes to the business director of SOB Penzijn company Ladislav Rokos.

Pechod do DPS u Allianz

Allianz has a total of 440 thousand employees, of which 370 thousand are in the transformed fund.

When the employee funds were introduced, we explained the benefits of moving to DPS. Today, we do not actively address the participants. We want to motivate clients to make the most of their benefits and benefits, no matter what the product is, explains the product development manager of Allianz Hegar.

Pesto is not a problem to change the fund type. Since the Allianz company has received two months of contributions from the transformed fund, a new PCB agreement has been negotiated and funds from the transformed fund have been transferred to supplementary pension funds.

KB: We do not motivate clients to switch to DPS

At the end of this year, more than 526 thousand employees joined Komern banka’s pension funds. Of these, not more than 356 thousand clients in the transformed fund. Representatives of the fund state that they do not motivate participants to switch to the PCB. However, the transfer process is possible and usually takes place within two months from the drafting of the new PCB contract.

For example, if you sign a new contract on 26 November, you will have a new deadline from 1 December and a new PCB contract from 1 January 2021. You can write enough about the transfer at any KB and Modr pyramids branch without the need for a signature signature, or with one of our external partners, for whom the signature is required, explains Pavel Racocha, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of KB Penzijn.

Transition to the employee fund in LV funds

At the end of the third quarter of this year, a total of 308,607 employees joined pension funds in LV pension funds, of which 260,319 were in the transformed fund. According to the investment and pension manager of NN Penzijn, the company Milan Tomek, it is good to make an influential decision when switching to an investment fund. It is important to inform employees about the different types of funds.

A possible transition may not be suitable for each client, it is always necessary to increase the needs and needs of individual employees and thus the status of their contract, warns.

However, if the employee decides to transfer, the pension company will arrange a meeting with an advisor. The transfer is made within one month of signing the contract transfers and the pension will be available for new contracts within 15 days of the entry into operation of the PCB contract.

Situation in pension funds Conseq

As of November 27, 144,981 people had joined the Conseq pension funds, of which 72,710 were in the pension funds.

In the years after the start of the mutual funds, we tried to more actively explain the differences and benefits of the mutual funds to the clients of the transformed fund, but let us think that whoever considered this change made it, explains Richard Siuda, CEO of Conseq Pension Company.

According to Siuda, who has not done so to this day, although he has witnessed significant differences in the performance of these different investment strategies, he probably did not succeed in the change.

Pesto is a conversion process in the Consequence field without the corresponding lht. If the client asks for a transfer from the pension to the supplementary pension savings, the creation of a new contract is enough from the first day of the next month after receipt. Clients can make the entire transfer, including negotiated new contracts, online or with the assistance of a financial advisor.

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