For several years, she has been wandering the electronic route of pensions and discrimination against workers. Its lifespan is great, at regular intervals it appears every year. We asked the Czech Social Security Association how things are.

In the first place, a normal working hunter, who earns an average of 15 thousand crowns a month (and that is a foul), will receive an old-age pension sweated out of this money. On the other hand, the one who did not work all his life lived only from various social courts and did not put even a crown into the state system, he receives an old-age pension calculated from the average salary in R, and that is 24,000 crowns more… And how is it really?

Old age

People who have never worked are not entitled to retirement. The condition is, in addition to reaching retirement age, always gaining the necessary insurance period. The salary that in the old-age pension depends on the long-term income and income, which the hunter has in the so-called decisive period before the pension. If he does not meet the condition of the necessary period of insurance for a retirement entitlement (old-age, invalidity and survivors), the SSZ cannot grant it to him.

Incomplete final conditions cannot be waived. No one is favored or disadvantaged on the basis of nationality. The same rules apply to all clients of the Czech pension system.

Invalidn dchod

Thus, for the right to the payment of an invalidity pension, according to the Act on Pension Insurance, it is necessary to meet the condition of the necessary insurance period: for people over 28 years of age, five years of insurance and determined from the last ten years before the onset of disability; in the case of 38-year-olds, he is 10 years old and is known from the last twenty years before the onset of disability. For young people, the insurance period is required for the right to a disability pension several times. The condition is not required only in the case of disability if the disability arose as a result of employment or sick leave.

Survivors’ pensions

Here, too, it is necessary to meet the statutory requirements of the person who died, had to receive an old-age or invalidity pension before his death, or had to meet the conditions of the required period of time for the entitlement to invalidity and old-age pension. When a death occurs as a result of a job, these prerequisites may not be met.

Emergency situation

The hunter is entitled to retirement, even though he has never worked, in exceptional cases the so-called “disability income of billions”. It is obtained by those who reach at least 18 years of age, have resided on the ground R and are disabled to the third (highest) degree, if this disability arose before reaching 18 years of age. Retirement can only be beneficial to the fact that its working capacity is reduced by more than 70 percent and this long-term unfavorable health condition has arisen in billions. Disability (decrease in working capacity) is assessed by the SSZ report.

Who worked just mole

Even though someone has only worked for a while, I can get the necessary insurance time after the so-called reimbursement periods. These are, for example, records at a number of jobs, periods of study after the age of 18, including disability pensions for third-degree disabilities, periods of personal care for children up to those years of age or a person dependent on the help of another hunter and the like. Until the required period of insurance for a year of old-age or disability pension, it is settled to the extent specified by law, even if it is a period for which social insurance has not been paid.

The condition for the compensation period is that the hunter has gained at least one year of insurance. It does not have to be smeared, it can be obtained at any time before the pension.

In retirement, sweat is calculated from the actual income, taking into account the so-called time exclusion. If the hunter in the decisive period does not have an income (or they are very low), the income of the pension can be determined in the so-called minimum determined by the law. The minimum percentage of the pension is 770 crowns, the basic amount in 2014 is 2,340 crowns. The minimum in the income of piznanho in 2014 is therefore 3,110 crowns.

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