According to current rules, the generation born after 1971 will retire at the age of 65. Both women and men. It is possible that retirement can be resumed. But young people between the ages of 18 and 35 have different ideas. They would like to stop working after reaching 60 years.

This follows from an ongoing survey conducted by the IPSOS agency for Air Bank. The medium life expectancy, ie the hope that we will reach a certain age, is still longer. From a single point of view, young people would have to stop working at the age of 60 by retiring early. That would mean getting her a pension. Just to give you an idea, the day old retirees receive from the state of the city in the average of 15,351 crowns. The average temporary pension bag reaches only 13,738 crowns.

Young people are clear, in retirement they would like to receive an average of 22 thousand crowns a month, in current values. That is, a fee for which in the future you will receive under as much things and services as at current prices. The results varied between the sexes. While it would cost 20 thousand crowns, it would suit you to have a pension of 24 thousand.

But it can be seen. The young are definitely secret that with the fact that when they retire, their regular income is known to them and their dream income of less than 22 thousand is somewhat exaggerated, it will not be paid by the state. Vtina wants to prepare for it. Only a quarter of young people rely on the state pension. After all, they want to take their future into their own hands.

Retirement darkness interested young people

A total of 51% of young people think that it is necessary to prepare for their financial security in retirement at the moment when they start their first job. This quarter is considered a suitable deadline for the 30th birthday and 15% of respondents think that this question should be dealt with by the hunter at the moment when his first child is born.

We were pleasantly surprised that they deal responsibly with the issue of retirement from a young age and realize the need to actively prepare for the post even after the financial side. Every new generation should rely on me and me on the support. Young people are looking for ways to take care of their future themselves, and with the help of various investments or additional pension savings. The most important thing is that in the end it does not end only with their pn, but that from words also to relmm inm, to Petr md, head of the Air Bank research department.

Full versus reality

And how do young people want to create a financial contribution so that their life level does not decline in retirement age? I want to use the whole key to financial products and investments. But prefer two main options. They want to invest in real estate in the first place and in the second place I am looking for additional pension savings. women have it turned exactly. As the first mention of supplementary pension savings, real estate investment is in their second place. Then the bag is full. Most of the young people are just getting ready for specific steps.

To save a real amount of one million crowns, a bag with an increasing age is relatively well known financially. If we were to reckon with the fact that one day would like to stop working in their 60s, then they would have to save for 25 years. With a hypothetical three percent appreciation of the dispute, this would mean postponing a regular change of around two thousand crowns.

Often they forget how many of the inflation slash disputes. So how much can we buy for ten years in ten, twenty and thirty years?

But just take the calculator and potat. For example, those who have now saved one million crowns, with 2% average inflation, the purchase of these disputes will be at the level of 820 thousand crowns in ten years. Then you will constantly lose these disputes due to inflation. In 25 years, out of one million at two percent inflation, only about 609 thousand crowns will be.

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