The pension reform introduced a novelty. People who come to the flight before retirement can work their situation by retiring and prove that the old-age pension is not reduced. People who do not physically do it for their work also started to give advance.

In the advance, which can be left for at least two years and no longer than five years, there were a total of 274 people at the meeting of this year. Pension companies say that interest will increase.

“People who are losing their jobs most often before they reach retirement age and find a new one are most often interested in them. Compare if it pays to go to an early retirement or if it is better to retire early. Take care of him so people from very tough and physically demanding professions who have health problems, but it is not for the disability pension, do all the work with all your might and they would need to relax, “to Ondej Kubala, speak to the Association of Pensioners society.

Until the advance, the bag can not go, but only those who have been retiring for at least five years with the pension company in III. pili. The second condition is that up to five years of age is reached. But beware, the student did not succeed in sweating children and five years from the retirement age, the same number of births may be born.

“You have at least 7,387 crowns spent on each month, which is 30 percent of the average wage declared by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, which now amounts to 24,622 crowns. This means that at least 177,288 crowns will have a two-year advance, ”Kubala points out, adding that one day’s predecessors take an average of 42 msc in advance and draw an average of 9,185 crowns from their disputes.

Sweat first, then decide

Although the advance must be paid for out of pocket, in some cases it may be a better choice than a temporary pension. But you always know all the pros and cons.

When you choose an early retirement pension, you will receive it, not a retirement pension. And irreversibly and after death. The severity of the sanction depends on how many days you retire two. In the event of a delay of, for example, 1,200 days, the percentage of retirement is reduced by 17.4 percent. And he gave sanctions that you can only stay limited. If you see an employee when the debt is paid, the payment of early pension will be suspended until you reach the retirement age, or until you finish this job (read more here).

How to cut the percentage of pedasn pension
According to the day of attendance / percentage penalty
90 a mn91-180181-270270-360361-450451-540541-630
0,9 %1,8 %2,7 %3,6 %4,8 %6 %7,2 %
631-720721-810811-900901-990991-10801 080-1 1701 171-1 260
8,4 %9,9 %11,4 %12,9 %14,4 %15,9 %17,4 %
zdroj: SSZ

If you decide to go in advance, you will have your own disputes, but you will reach an unabridged old-age pension. In addition, you can earn unlimited. When you find a paid employee during the advance, or you start a profitable business and you start earning more than in previous years, in the end you can also reach a strong retirement pension.

O preddchod se du penzijn společnosti

If you want to solve your life situation beforehand, reckon with the fact that it takes a long time for at least two months and a lot of trouble at the branch of the pension company, where he will retire.

“According to the law, it is only possible to apply for advance if you are in the new employee funds, which have been operating since January 1, 2013. The first step is therefore that every pension company must transfer from the transformed to the employee fund. However, you will find yourself in the new fund and from the 1st day onwards. Once you are in the city fund, you can apply for a pre-arrival and it will be paid to you from next month to the company, ”Kubala explains.

If you do not have enough pensions with the pension company in advance, it is necessary to pay the missing amount once.

Pklad: Mr. Karel has 162,000 crowns in the transformed fund, according to less than five years, two years left until retirement days.

  • He wants to go to a two-year advance, for which 177,288 crowns are needed.
  • On the pension-connected field of one-year remaining 15 288 crowns, thus fulfilling the conditions and I can apply in advance.

The advance is health insurance

For the predecessor, the castle insured the health insurance stt. “According to the law, those who start to advance must announce this change within eight days of their connection,” warns Oldich Tich, a spokesman for the General Health Insurance Company. If, as a predecessor, you earn money on brigades and your income will not be subject to payment, your health insurance will still pay more for the vs.. But when you get a new job and start paying your salary, or you decide to start a business, the insurance company will not pay it.

“If the predecessor finds an employment, the health insurance employer has the obligation to notify and the insurance is paid from the actual income earned. The predecessor must notify the health insurance company of the commencement of self-employment within eight days from the date of commencement of this activity. Due to the payment of insurance premiums, the predecessor is not obliged to pay advance premiums in the first calendar year. Insurance payments and in the form of a supplement in accordance with the Overview of Income and Expenses Report, ”explains Tich.

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