One or more diseases that a hunter completely or completely excludes from working life can be encountered by anyone. Regardless of vk. Disability is one of the life situations regulated by the pension insurance law. Last year, 425,788 people took the Disability Pension in the Czech Republic.

More than a quarter of recipients of disability pensions are people under the age of 44. Proof of this came from the records of the Czech Social Security Administration (SSZ). A total of 163,920 disability pensions for first-degree disability were paid out and 71,031 people received a second-degree disability pension. The highest according to it, it is almost 45 percent (190 837 people) were disabled disability pensions for the third degree.

The purpose of the disability pension is at least to replace the income that the hunter loses due to a long-term unfavorable health condition. Let us meet with the fact that there is a lot of ambiguity around this darkness, to the head of the SSZ Ji Biskup, who answered the questions.

What is disability?
Disability is undoubtedly a difficult life situation. From the point of view of the law, it is defined as a decrease in working capacity, which occurred due to a long-term unfavorable health condition, by at least 35 percent. According to the rate of decline in working capacity, there are different disabilities of the first, second and third degree.
In the first degree of disability, it is a decrease in working capacity by at least 35 percent, in the second degree. degree by at least 50 percent and III. degree of disability by at least 70 percent.

Who assesses disability?
Disability and its degree are determined by the opinion of the district lawyer of the social security law according to the law of the first law. Disability is therefore not assessed by the examiner or the specialist, this competence is limited to the opinion of the examiner.

What do you think of the reviews?
In case of obvious disability, the opinion is based on the first and the result of the reading of the drug, the professional and the case from the result of the actual reading. Do not evaluate the disability or diagnosis, but their functional impact on the decline in working capacity. In other words, lkai reviews do not judge the disease itself, but whether and how it limits the ability to work. This takes into account the distance, experience and knowledge achieved and the type of previous activity.

Who will be my assessment?
The reviewer is an expert in his field as well as other students in their specializations. Assessment of medicine is a specialized medical field requiring knowledge of clinical medicine, including the first social security. When assessing the state of health, the assessments must be governed by their expertise and the first regulations, so that pensions intended for disabled fellow citizens are not abused and given to those who really need them.

Didn’t the condition usually last for disability?
The right to a disability pension or a recognized disability may not last, because it depends on the development of your health. It is not stable in most cases, it can improve over time, but also get worse. Therefore, the assessment report for the assessment of disability, with regard to the invitation of the disabled, usually also sets the deadline for the inspection report. If the health condition worsens, the degree of disability may be recognized. This can happen both during the inspection and to enough citizens, which I can file at any time, if he thinks that it has been burned.

However, with regard to the development of drugs, it is always unquestionable that the medical evidence of a number of diseases can be completely discharged and completely discharged. In these cases, disability pensions help people to hell the time before their health improves and their work potential increases.

In practice, the people disagree with the opinion of the reviewer. How should they proceed?
It is necessary to know that this opinion is one of the bases on the basis of which the decision is made on a matter of enough disability pension. If the applicant does not agree with the decision issued on the basis of the assessment report, he or she has the right to defend himself, ie to lodge an appeal against the decision.

What exactly does that mean?
In this case, the so-called objections are the so-called objections, which you must apply within 30 days from the date of notification of the decision. Objections can be sent and submitted to any district administration of social security or directly to the center of the SSZ. Within the framework of women on objections, the citizen can also demand an examination of the state of health, and it is important that persons who took part in the proceedings on the decision-making decision of the victim cannot decide on the objections.

What can a citizen do when he does not even agree with the outcome of the objection?
If the citizen does not even agree with the decision, which was issued in the opposition woman, I can file a lawsuit. An opinion for the members of the judiciary in such a case is prepared by the opinions of the commission of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

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