Coping with the loss of a man and a wife is not easy at all. A number of others are distorted by the idea of ​​how the state is prepared with the help of a widow’s and widower’s pension. Who is entitled to this survivor’s pension and how do you know? Let’s take the ten most common mt to the right.

1.The widow’s or widower’s pension is automatically filed

This is the most common mtus. The truth is that you must always give a widow’s and widower’s pension, in writing. employees of the district administration of the social security, in Prague Prask and in Brno Mstsk they have the right of the social security according to the city of permanent residence of the survivor. As it is necessary to present the documents in a specific situation, it is good to consult with the call center for the pension insurance at 800 050 248. If the country has not yet received the pension, it is enough to provide, for example, documents about his studies, military service, birth certificates, letter from the last employer and gave the documents.

2.Manel had to live together, otherwise he is not entitled to a survivor’s pension

Not true, this is opt for ast mtus. Living together with a husband is not a condition for the payment of a widow’s and widower’s pension. The lasting marriage at the date of the death of the husband and wife is essential.

3.Entitlement to a widow’s / widower’s pension arises only if the marriage lasted for a certain period of time

The law does not stipulate such a condition. The decisive factor is that the marriage existed on the date of the death of the husband and wife, but it does not matter how long the marriage lasted. If the marriage has been divorced, the inheritance will not be due to the ex-husband or wife.

4.Widow’s and widower’s pension can be well-known to both partners and registered and registered partners

No, that’s a widely born mtus. There is no widow’s or widower’s pension after the spouse or registered partner. Not even in the case of their long-term coexistence in the common household and the common education of children.

5.Gaining the necessary insurance period is not required for widow’s and widower’s pensions

That is not the case. It is not required only when the death of the husband and wife as a result of a work effort. In other cases, the required retirement age of a landlord in the right to a widow’s or widower’s pension plays a very important role. In practice, for example, there may be a situation where the widow’s pension will not run after a husband who has been unemployed for a long time and thus did not receive the required insurance period.

6.The widow’s and widower’s retirement are not permanent

This is an ast mistake. The widow’s or widower’s pension is not standard for one year from the death of the spouse. After this time, the payment of the survivor’s pension continues only in well-defined cases. I.e. if he / she has become a star of the uninhabited dt, or is caring for the dt, pp. o his / her birth or the birth of a / her mother-in-law (mother-in-law) who is dependent on his / her help in level II, III or IV; according to if the person is disabled in the third degree or if he / she has reached the specified age. The retirement is then widowed / widowered until he meets the set conditions.

7.After the end of the claim to the survivor’s pension, it can never be restored

On the contrary, me. The renewal of a widow’s and widower’s pension may take place if one of the final conditions (see point 6) is fulfilled occurs within two years after the previous termination of the claim on the widow’s and widower’s pension. But beware, the payment is not renewed automatically, but always on the basis of enough filed with the local OSSZ, which was accompanied by documents proving the fulfillment of the condition.

8.The widow’s and widower’s retirement will continue even after the closing of the new reckon

That is not the case. On the day of the conclusion of the new marriage, the right to a widow’s and widower’s pension will cease. The widow and the widow must report this fact to the SSZ within eight days. If he does not do so, inquire about the unauthorized pump, which he will have to drill.

9.The widow’s and widower’s pension is in the same way as the admitted pension taken by the deceased hunter

Not. Just as the old-age and invalidity pension consists of two hundred and one percentages and the basic amount, so also in the case of a widow’s or widower’s pension. In the percentage of widow’s or widower’s pension, according to the law, 50% of the percentage of the pension received (or would be taken away) by the deceased person on the date of death. The basic amount of widow’s and widower’s pension is the same as for other types of pension.

10.He who takes her own old-age pension and widow then takes two pensions

This is a very born mistake. The opinion that he has survived a spouse or a spouse will be paid a pension in the same way as a deceased hunter, with OSSZ staff on the most resilient goals. What to do? If a hunter receives an old-age or disability pension at the time of the widow’s, a so-called concurrence of pensions will take place. Soubh never means simple souet retirement. In this case, proceed as follows. It is compared in the percentage of the pension that the widow / widower receives, and exchanges the widow’s / widower’s pension, which is 50% of the percentage of the retirement income. Not from the retirement then from one half, you remain unchanged. It only needs to be stored once.

Example of widow’s pension at the so-called retirement pension:

  • One year in retirement income 11,010 K. Percentage of its income in 7,740 K, basic amount 3,270 KK (7,740 + 3,270). one widow.
  • Her earthly husband received an old-age pension of 13,110 K (9,840 + 3270). There is a year for the widow’s pension.

From the old-age pension of the husband, the widow’s income is calculated (50% of the percentage, which is 50% of 9,840 K), ie 4,920 K.

Pi soubhu old-age pension of a woman and a widow’s house compare the percentages of both pensions. At the same time, the percentage of the income will be in full (it is 7,740 K) and the percentage of the widow’s income (4,920 K) will be half, ie 2,460 K. The basic amount of the income will always be paid only once (in 2019 and 3,270 TO). The woman will take a total of 13,470 K (3,270 + 7,740 + 2460).

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