The number of people in the Czech Republic is gradually growing in the Czech Republic, there are 928 of them. In the advance, there are people who do not physically do it for their work. In this way, they can prove that their old-age pension is unabridged.

There are no more people to leave before the advance. One of the reasons why you do not have the number of advance payments is that people have to spend a relatively large amount of money to complete the advance. For the shortest possible period of time, the need to have less than 182 thousand is spent, according to the Jan Sedlek Association of Pension Societies.

No msc je nyn teba mt 7 554 korun

The advance is not for everyone. Not only for those who have low incomes and creating the necessary disputes is unattainable for them. It is not a good choice even in the case where the predecessor would have exhausted the dispute before reaching retirement age.

For each month of fulfilled advance, the applicant must have a financial reserve of 30 percent of the average wage. Currently, the average wage for the calculation of pre-retirement is 25,179 crowns, 30 percent of the average wage is 7,554 crowns, so a two-year pre-retirement needs to have a total of 181,296 crowns, Jan Sedlek said.

You have to have the pension in the form of an additional pension savings (two supplementary pensions). If you do not have enough pensions on the contract yet to be able to apply for advance, pension companies can pay the pension once from elsewhere, for example from a completed building society. If you have, for example, only 160 thousand crowns, you can send the remaining 21,296 crowns to the pension connection once. Thus, fulfill the condition of having a prescribed 181,296 crowns for a two-year advance, according to Sedlek.

But beware, there is a mandatory five years to sleep before retirement. It is not possible to negotiate a new contract, put a chapter on it and stop working. It is possible to leave for the advance for at least two years and for a maximum of five years, with the five-year advance you have to spend 453,240 crowns.

As the disputes must have the predecessor of Mt.
Time completedNeeded disputes in K
Two years181 296
Those years271 944
those years362 592
Pt let453 240

If you are considering whether it is better to retire or choose an early pension, always sweat. When you choose an early retirement pension, you will receive it, not a retirement pension. And irreversibly and after death (more here).

In some cases, advance may be a better choice. The advantage, for example, is that the possibility of dampness is not limited in any way. If you find a paid employee in advance, or start a business and start earning more than in previous years, you can eventually reach for a more expensive retirement pension.


  • For whom is the advance: For those who get enough pensions and can take five years before leaving for the day of retirement.
  • Vhody: The period of early retirement is so-called excluded, so that when retiring on board, the shortening of the daily pension is not the same as when retiring early. For the predecessor, the castle insures for health insurance stt. Humidity is not limited.
  • Conditions: You have to have the pension in the form of an additional pension savings (two supplementary pensions). It is possible to deposit a one-off contract from another place, five years before retirement, but it is obligatory, it is also not possible to negotiate a new contract, put a chapter on it and stop working.
  • How much to save: You must have a reserve of 30 percent of the average wage for each pre-retirement home (now CZK 7,554 per home).
  • Time completed: Until the right to the bottom of the pension, at least two years, at most five years. The advance can not be suspended or the completed sewer can be stopped, it can be terminated and you can go to the old-age and early retirement.
  • Where to give: U sv penzijn společnosti.
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