Although mortgages are popular today, there is no need to curse or build a building. Mortgages can sometimes be replaced by a hell of heat from a building society. The offer of infernal rivers is varied, it is also somewhat difficult to know them.

Peklenovac vry obecn

Peklenovac vry are used in the case when the client needs to get two funds, not to get one year vr ze stavebnho spoen. The condition for the allocation of this day of the year is to combine the specified advance (most often in the amount of 40% of the duty, but also to me) and achieve hodnotcho sla. Kon requires that the contract last for at least 24 msce. According to the provision of heat, it is necessary to prove its intended use, sufficient income and provide the necessary security requirements.

Peklenovac vr is not fulfilled for the entire period, it is paid only for years. m was born to you from mortgages pierces. In addition, it is necessary and required down payment At the same time, the total msn payment may not be low first. Peklenovac vr is repaid in one installment with the balance deposited here and vrem from the building connection, at the time of adding the person.

Aktuln nabdka peklenovacch vr

In recent years, building societies have significantly increased their offer of hellhounds. It tries to compete with mortgages and therefore offer vry with a long maturity and reduced year rates. It is often the case that the classic hellish boils, for which you first need to calculate a certain percentage of the population, and which were the only option a few years ago, are the annual rates than the zero down payment.

Since the current offer of infernal heaths is a real variety, we have prepared an overview for all their strings. It shows their main characteristics, how they differ from each other and for what situation they are suitable. There is an offer of two building societies, the other three will follow in five comments.

You can find more about the development of hypotenches here

Raiffeisen stavebn spoitelna

Raiffeisen stavebná spoitelna offers several types of infernal houses, some of which have quite interesting names. The main parameters of these vr are listed in the table.

Classic hellish boil

It’s time for a classic hell spectrum, the condition for its acquisition is a one-time deposit of more than 10% of the duty. In the years of the rate, it depends on the value that the client has achieved at the time when he is below. What to do immediately after concluding a building savings contract. If the contract lasts for a long time and does not exceed 15 msc within the next two days, the client can get a hellhole at a much lower rate. It bears a name Without ekn and you can choose either a low annual rate of 2.99%, or you a rate of 3.49%, with the fact that the fee for the agreed fee will be zero.

All three put hellish bullies are provided in the event of a maximum of twenty percent of the population. Otherwise, the down payment for them in 0% and 20% of customs duties.

Peklenovac vry type mortgage

The first two horizon a Nzk hypospltka – they are very similar and it is a type of vr, which should resemble a mortgage. Which means especially a long maturity, thanks to which it is possible to achieve a lower load. In both cases, the minimum risk is 100,000 crowns and up to 300,000 crowns is the risk to their collateral guarantor. If the mortgage is used for real estate, the annual rate decreases by 0.2%. vr Nzk hypospltka guarantees the annual rate of daily debt from building savings in the amount of 3.5% and in comparison with vr Horizont is the annual rate of 0.1% lower rate.

Peklenovac vry without prokazovn pjm

He put two vry are a little special. For clients who do not want to prove their income to their income, the purpose is incl Vzjemn dvra. As there is such a risk for the savings bank, it is an annual rate of 5.3% (for existing clients it is reduced to 4.8%), it is always required to have a mortgage on the real estate and in the year it is limited to 100,000 and 3 million crowns.
The income is not carried out even for a company intended for existing clients of Raiffiesen spořitelny, which was named Good znm. Due to the fact that this is a client with a well-known history of savings and fulfillment, the rate is not outside. The condition for its provision is that no later than 6 months before the submission, there is enough of some of the following events:

* peklopen peklenovacho vru na vr ze stavebnho spoen,
* paid off from the building savings,
* repaid peklenovacho vru after min. two years of this roar.

Raiffeisen stavebn spoitelna
nzev peklenovacho vruin advance (% of C)years ratepoznmka
spectrummin. 10%4,9 % – 6,7 % (dle ve H)
Without eknpidlen vru* do 15 msc2.99% / no charge 3.49%
Nzk hypospltka0 % – 20 %4.6% / without mortgage 4.8%mine. 100 000 K
horizon0 % – 20 %4.7% / without mortgage 4.9%mine. 100 000 K
Vzjemn dvra0 % – 20 %5.3% / new customer 4.8%no income is proven, in 100 000 K – 3 mil. K, always mortgage of real estate
Good znm0 % – 20 %4,80%do not prove income, in the past 6 months it was repaid in RSTS

Source: building society


* it is a “dn” vr from a building spoen. H = value value, C = person letter, RSTS = Raiffeisen building society

1 / Excluding the case: in case of delay with more than those agreed deposits, the rate is 5.4%

2 / Spectrum: HC over 50 = 4.9%, HC from 6 to 50 = 6.5%, HC men not 6 = 6.7%

3 / Good knowledge: no later than 6 months before the start, quite a few days to some of the following events: hacking of the hell on the construction hull, repayment of the hell, repayment of the hell after min. 2 years of this year.

4 / year rate is always reduced by 0.1% if it is agreed for the event of death and permanent consequences at once – pay for vr “Without waiting”

HYPO stavebn spoitelna

HYPO stavebná spoitelna thus provides hellish vry ​​from zero down payment. The rate varies between 4.5% and 5.6% and the specific dependence on the method of hedging, on the risk of credit and down payment, as shown in the following table. The minimum in hell is 50,000 crowns, it can be completed for up to eight years. By using hellish heat, the client gives up the so-called pidlenní choice, which is a special possibility to gain heat without the need to achieve a set value, which is first offered by HYPO spořitelna.

Hypo stavebn spoitelna
minimum down payment (% of C)in equilibrium risk (K) *zpsob zajitn vruyears rate
40 %do 100 000bez zajitn5,6 %
10 %50 000 – 150 0001 rut4,8 %
150 000 – 400 0002 ruitel
0 %over 400,000mortgage first for real estate insurance + life insurance4,5 %

Source: building society


C = customs duty. level risk = C minus the balance of the deposit here at the date of assessment enough about hell. vr.

years rates are fixed for the entire maturity of hell. vru. HYPO reserves the first year rate to adjust (upwards and downwards) in connection with the development of the interbank deposit market.

Have you ever used a hellhole from a building society? Do you prefer a mortgage? How do you have practical experience with these faithful products?

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