In early retirement, the dog is 554 thousand senior and sweaty according to growth. Jana Buraov answers the most frequently asked questions about leaving for early retirement, speaking the Czech Social Security Administration.

Since when can I first apply for an early retirement pension?
Find out very easily with the help of the Age Calculator, which is available on the website of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Just add the date of birth and whether you are a woman. women also specify the number of educated children. After giving me the calculator, it will provide information on how old it is in retirement, what time you have to pay and the date from which it is first possible to apply for an early retirement pension.

Do I have to meet the condition of the required period of retirement insurance for the right to an early retirement pension?
Yes, the condition for granting early retirement is to obtain the necessary insurance period set for the day of retirement.

Required insurance period for the calendar year in which the retirement age is reached
201020112012201320142015201620172018after 2018
26 let27 let28 let29 let30 let31 let32 let33 let34 let35 let
zdroj: SSZ

enough about the early retirement pension at the earliest three months before the required day of the award of the pension in person to the district administration of the pension security according to the place of your permanent residence. The SSZ decides on the grant of the pension within 90 days from the start of the start, as a rule, two are quite enough.

* pr

* the average in the permanent old-age pension permanently shortened (granted according to the 31 Act on Pension Insurance); data from 2014 are as of 30 June

In early retirement I will get me, not a day old age pension. How much is it for a temporary retirement?
The basic size of the early retirement pension is not reduced, but the percentage is reduced. In short (srky) here is perpetuated for a long time, which errors from the admission of early retirement to reaching the age of retirement.

So two of you will go to a temporary old-age pension, which will be reduced in the pension. For example, if you retire 180 days before you reach retirement age, you will receive 1.8 percent of the base (for two 90-day cuts). If you leave two in three years, the deposit will be 15.9 percent lower (for 13 zapoatch 90 daily seconds).

How to cut the percentage of pedasn pension
According to the day of attendance / percentage penalty
90 a mn91-180181-270270-360361-450451-540541-630
0,9 %1,8 %2,7 %3,6 %4,8 %6 %7,2 %
631-720721-810811-900901-990991-10801 080-1 1701 171-1 260
8,4 %9,9 %11,4 %12,9 %14,4 %15,9 %17,4 %
zdroj: SSZ

How will it appear in the entrance when I will be kept in the records of a number of jobs two or three years before his admission?
The time kept in the records of the number of works is compensatory for the insurance period and to the extent determined by the law, it is included for the right to retirement and its vi. It is thus ruled out, which means that it does not reduce the average income for the calculation of income.

The time kept in the register of job seekers, during which unemployment or retraining benefits are paid to me, is always included. The period kept in the register of applicants, during which the support is not paid, the bag is settled in the range of maximum three years. This period of three years is determined back from the date of the right to retirement, with the fact that the period, which was acquired before reaching the age of 55, is not included in them within the scope of one year.

Is a pedestrian retirement appropriate?
Whether to apply for an early retirement pension is up to the decision of a specific hunter. What is a suitable situation for one may be completely unacceptable to another. It is always necessary to increase the specific situation and think carefully about whether and for how long you want to retire two.

Spotte me my pedestrian pension so that I can make a better decision?
Informative questions of the pension, when you will find out the orientation of future pensions, can be done with the help of the pension calculator on the MLSA website. The district authorities of social security provide this service according to their current capacities and the situation of the client. It is not possible to request a bag.

Can I have a drink during the early retirement pension?
The payment of an early retirement pension in the case of a classic employment or business (more precisely in the case of a simultaneous performance of an activity based on the insurance company) does not take place until the date of reaching retirement age or until the termination of this activity. The payment of an early retirement pension is not available either in the case of unemployment benefits and retraining benefits.

You can earn money at the time of the early retirement pension, but you are limited in income. Payment of early retirement pension before reaching retirement age does not include:

  • small-scale employment, when the decision (agreed and actually achieved) income does not reach 2,500 crowns per calendar month
  • activity performed on the basis of an agreement on the performance of work, if the eligible income in the month does not exceed a hundred 10,000 crowns
  • performance of self-employment (business) to the extent that did not participate in the insurance (ie in 2014 until the total income of 62 261 crowns). rad

Don’t let anything happen

The input connection to the st vm means to find the online calculation.

When will I reach the age of retirement, will my retirement benefit or be shortened?
The signing of an early retirement pension excludes the right to the bottom of the retirement pension. The reduction for early departure is permanent even after reaching retirement age. From the age of retirement, you can also carry out unrestricted activities based on insurance, without limitation, for example in a fixed-term or indefinite employment relationship.

Can I take a break from the early retirement pension when I find a job before I reach retirement age?
Yes, it’s mon. In the case of joining the employee, his performance will be based on the insurance company, resulting in the obligation to report this fact to the SSZ. The SSZ will stop the payment of the early retirement pension. And when you quit your job, or you reach retirement age, ask for your pension to be renewed. Its percentage rate may then be increased with regard to the time you worked after receiving the early retirement.

What is the difference between a temporary old-age pension and an early retirement?
Although the names are similar, early retirement pensions and advance paths are not the same. The early retirement is a retirement door provided by the state and the right to its establishment is fulfilled under the condition of the pension insurance agreement. Advance is the product of a supplementary pension scheme (two pension connections), which provides the possibility of early use of your own funds and five years before reaching retirement age. Explain the conditions of the advance payment to the employees of the pension company (more about advance payments here).

Is it possible to file a retirement pension and is it subject to valorisation?
An early retirement pension is the only type of pension that cannot be credited back. Early old-age pension can be granted at the earliest from the date of the initiative for this pension. Even old-age pensions are valorized.

Where is the old-age pension due to how long does it take?

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