Anyone who decides to retire this year will find out that they won’t get a penny yet. Many applicants have found themselves in this situation even in previous years. For? Because they believed that for a year of retirement one hundred years 25 years old. This is a mistake, which is supplemented by the applicant for a pension.

Whoever will have a retirement age this year needs to have at least 34 years of insurance, says Jana Buraov, a spokesman for the first social security. With the fulfillment of this type of condition for a cash pension, a number of people meet. Some mistakes are due to others, others to several years and there are also cases when the applicant has 10 or more years to pay for the old-age pension.

The necessary insurance period for the entitlement to a retirement pension is constantly being extended. While in 2010 it took pension applicants to get 26 years of insurance, this year it is 34 years. After 2018, the extended period of time will stop at the final 35 years.

In what situations do people get into sweat with a good year of retirement and how to prevent it, explains Jana Buraov, speaking SSZ.

Does this extended period of time have any effect on your old-age pension?
The extension of the necessary insurance period has an impact on the method of calculating the old-age pension. The income is affected by the number of years and the actual number of years worked. The minimum period of retirement insurance is one of the conditions for the right to an old-age pension at all.

Retirement entitlement often does not arise for women who remain in the household to care for children. How is it associated with time, if you care for children?
The period of personal care for a child up to 4 years of age is included in the period of insurance for the right to retirement. If a woman stays at home with her old children and assumes that this time in the household will be long, she has the opportunity to sign up for a voluntary pension scheme. It is not possible to solve this situation and even before the arrival of the so-called purchase of the missing years. If a woman wants years in the household to be eligible for retirement, she should pay voluntarily retirement benefits on an ongoing basis.

People who were on a disability pension also get into the sweat with the fulfilled type of condition for a pension old-age pension. What is the situation about?
These are situations where people were in a disability pension for first or second degree disability and during the multiple disability pension they did not carry out a paid-up activity subject to a pension. In addition, this pension cannot be included in the time required for the right to an old-age pension.

What other cases do your experts encounter?
Sometimes people mistakenly believe that the time when they took social doors will be forgotten for retirement, which is not true. Thus, the period of registered unemployment, when the hunter was listed as a job seeker for a number of jobs, is not automatically anchored in full. In these cases, it is possible to include only the period with paid support, the period without support then a maximum of three years. And from the age before 55, only one year can be lost.

Sometimes people so mistakenly believe that when their income tax is deducted, it automatically means that they are also income-related. The problem also concerns those who have worked abroad for a long time, who are not members of the EU and the EEA or in countries with which the Czech Republic does not have a social security agreement. Even in these cases, the salary of a year of work abroad cannot be taken into account for the right to the Czech pension.

In what other situations can people get into trouble with the old-age pension, because they do not get the necessary insurance time?
These are, for example, situations where people work without a black employment contract, or perform activities that are not subject to social security contributions.

These are cases where people decide to do business as a self-employed person and do not pay pension insurance. The period of OSV activity, for which the insurance premium for pension insurance has not been paid for the day, is not directly required until the required insurance period. These include cases involving repeated or long-term sentences in which a person has not been put to work.

When is the time associated, how to solve the situation?
If you do not meet the required time, you can pay the missing time to voluntary insurance. It is not a universal bag for all situations. He gave the opportunity to separate the pension and to spend time missing.

So who will retire me in 2018?
In 2018, there will be a year of retirement for people who reach retirement age and have at least 34 years of age needed. Fulfillment of these conditions does not mean the obligation to receive data or a reason for termination of employment and business.

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Who will reach retirement age in 2018:

  • mui born in November and December 1954 and in January and August 1955;
  • childlessly born in May and December 1955;
  • women born in May and December 1956, who raised one child;
  • woman born in May and December 1957, who raised two children;
  • women born in May and December 1958, who were raised by you and three children;
  • women born in May and December 1959, who raised five or more children.

In order to retire, they must acquire at least 34 years of retirement insurance (years worked), which, according to the final rules, include compensation periods (eg children under 4 years of age, basic military service, including disability pension). degree, time for a person vertical to help another person, etc.).

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