According to one survey, the causes of great stress are bent over at work. Then problems with colleagues and enthusiasts and travel a little time for personal life. According to the eten, it affects the degree of stress even in the wake. Where to look for help?

Almost 60 percent of employees suffer from great stress at work. Stand for submissiveness, extreme navu and inability to concentrate. This was shown by a survey by ComPsych, which found the reasons for the workforce of employees, then in problems with colleagues and enthusiasts and thus in the lack of time for personal life.

This survey also shows that stress has a negative impact on the daily productivity of employees. No more aunt’s employees lose due to stress and an hour a day from efficiency within their working hours. In the long run, more than half of the employees lose one and two working days.

Better split wheels and flexible working hours

According to HR, stressed employees relieve their enthusiasm. This is done by defining precise roles and responsibilities, giving them only job responsibilities that correspond to their abilities and resources.

It is important that communication works on all levels of the company. I recommend setting the staff clearly full for the development of career, which will motivate them. Last but not least, employers can help their employees develop work and family life, for example thanks to flexible working hours, the advice of HR specialist Gabriela Kodenkov from

And it is important that the leader knows the conflicts between colleagues and does not run away from them. Conflicts in the workplace need a clear opinion of the fa, and he will act in the dispute from the position of a judge or arbitrator, who will give a presentation of the position and argument of the parties involved. Another great managerial failure is the ever-increasing pressure on performance, overwhelmed by employee problems, endless changes, when people lose the vision that it will sometimes be better, says Petr Kaka from Bureau Veritas, a lecturer and expert on safety and health

According to him, managers who have a technical approach to people and do not take into account their mental capacity and different ability to network are most often missing. Unknowingly, this undermines the work performance of his darkness, warns Petr Kaka. He remembers one recent example from his practice. The management of the company submitted a Health Day, during which employees could donate blood in a mobile sampling unit. After a few hours, he was surprised by the management of the company with the question of unexpected results.

It turned out that 40% of employees under the age of thirty could not go to the market because they imposed psychotropic drugs for psychological sacrifice, anxiety and stress, ie the elimination of crushing. The management did not know at all, I have to go through the employees at that time and how much impact it has on their mental health, says Petr Kaka.

Volme the psychologist

Daily stress can also be dangerous in industries. Inconsistency in routine work increases the risk of errors with external health consequences. Therefore, some companies introduce special stress management programs for employees, and others include a corporate psychologist who acts as an employee coach.

Routine and operational blindness in our boom were the cause of most of the past in previous years. That is why we now focus on the psyche of employees so that they do not lose heart and underestimate the risks associated with their work, explains Kamila Zrstov, head of health and safety management of the E.ON energy group. The company organized a series of psychological seminars for its employees, at which they discussed various stressful situations and their ability to cope.

Kdy f nepome

According to the psychologist, the most frequent symptoms of stress include anxiety, exhaustion, aggression, impaired fitness and the ability to make decisions. If you don’t care, try it yourself.

People should think about how to use and during the work, or it is good to try to set a better time management strategy, said HR specialist Gabriela Kodenkov. According to her, exercise techniques can help to control the symptoms of stress under control.

If none of this works, it’s probably time for a new job. In general, for example, a change in the regime of work, a transfer from business to the non-profit sector, you are abroad, a new work team, added Gabriel Kodenkov.

You pay, in the nerves

And there is one interesting research to darken the stress of employment. Pila s nm profesn sociln s LinkedIn. And she found among the respondents from different parts of the world that the most stressed out of work are people who earn more than three million crowns.

Exactly 68% of people with a high income suffer from strong stress at work compared to 47% of them, their annual turnover ranges between about 700 thousand and one million crowns. People who earn a million and a million and a half are stressed by 38% and are thus most satisfied with their work.

The survey thus affected stress at work according to the age of the employees. At the age of 37 and 52, 57% of people in the group of so-called Baby Boomers (53 years and older) confirmed stress at work, 52% of them were employees. First of all, you are one of the most loyal employees.

Only 44% of people fall in love with (a few days) stress, and they show the lowest level of stress at work, the lowest and their job satisfaction. Only seven young employees are satisfied with their employees, compared to middle-aged workers (76%) and Baby Boomers (78%).

Milenilov are generally at work, not even their predecessors. They are ambitious, they want to develop, grow fast and earn pensions. In addition, be aware that they will work for a very long time. Today, the secretors secretly retire much later than their births. That is why it is understandable that you are now looking for a space for private time in your working life and I often want to make compromises, adds Gabriela Kodenkov from

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