You have decided to tax together and you have, in addition to your salary, also business income. Sweat them into common together, uette. Read the detailed instructions on how to fill in the area of ​​5 tax returns for common taxation.

Ploha 5 coils zdann manel
Fill in the area for those who use zdann manel together. Here you will spend a common tax base, from which they will pay the income tax. Then he drank his mouth to the dawn. You don’t have to make a copy for the financial ad this time, they should share it for themselves.

Models treasure
Manel Jan and Kamila Krl have a son. Kamila is on parental leave with her and had no income in 2007.

Jan earned 408,000 crowns in his employment, the employer paid 51,000 crowns for social and health insurance for it and deducted deposits for 50,000 crowns.

Kamila and Jan pay a supplementary pension salary of CZK 1,500 per month, which they pay from the building society, they received confirmation from the savings bank that they paid 10,000 crowns in 2007.

Unrecognized blanket in the head
The fee, ie the person who joins the plot, fills in his / her birth certificate.

Model: Jan Krl filled in his native language, his wife on the second formula of St.

Unrecognized thanks
In unspoken thanks, write information about the spouse ‘s name and surname, address at the time you file the tax return, and the financial address to which the spouse will take the money.

Model: Jan Krl filled in the data about St. Kamil and vice versa.

dky 501 a 505
On the other hand, transfer the tax return to this city from dk 31 and 45. In the taxpayer column you give your data, in the spouse column the data about your partner, you deduct from his tax return.

Model: Mr. Krl transferred his income from employment (357,000 out of 36). He wrote zeros himself in Manelina’s column, because the woman was without income. Kamila filled in the form similarly, only in its column there were zeros and in the column of the data from the employer.

dek 506
Set up income from various sources, ie from employees, from business for rent, dek (blanket 501 + 502 + 503 + 504 + 505) especially in the column for the taxpayer and for his / her spouse, the result is long tax deposits.

Model: Pjmy, kter je teba danit, inily u pana Krle 357 000 korun, pan Krlov pjmy nemla.

dek 507
Sette tax deposits of both manna from dku 506.

Model: Jan Krl seetl 337 000 + 0 = 337 000 korun. Kamila mus mt stejn vsledek.

dky 508 a 512
In the fee column, transfer the fees from days 46 and 53 in the form of the declaration of both spouses. Here, too, make sure that you first fill in the column for me and that the woman will be charged once, the second time.

Model: Both spouses can have their contribution paid on the pension supplement, ie 12,000 crowns. The coincidence is that this item is also used by the wife, if she did not give a tax return, she cannot do it. Thanks to that, she also has 2,280 crowns (19 percent out of 12,000).

dek 513
Set all non-taxable taxes from dk 508 and 512 in the columns with you and the husband.

Model: Jan applies a deductible item for supplementary pension and years from the mortgage, 22,000 crowns have occurred, Kamila only has a supplementary pension, so he writes 12,000 crowns.

dek 514
Set non-taxable debts from thanks to 513 for yourself and for manela.

Model: Manel Krl has a total deposit of 22,000 + 12,000 = 34,000 crowns.

dek 515
From section 507 (tax base) read decree 514 (non-taxable and deductible items) and a common tax base will be issued.

Model: 337,000 – 34,000 = 323,000 crowns

dek 516
Divide the data from the total of 515 in half.

Model: 323,000 dleno 2 = 161,500 crowns

dky 517 a 519
No net employees. To be filled in only by an entrepreneur who applies for losses from previous years or for science and research.

dek 520
From section 516 reads the values ​​in dcs 517 and 519. The result is the tax base of the manel that floats the surface. This value will then be transferred to file 55 of the tax return form.

Download daov formulas HERE

Download daov formulas HERE
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