Twenty opinions and reports before the start of activities and a dozen inspections in normal operation. An entrepreneur who decides to open a small confectionery must prepare for this. The Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Businesses R mapped the bureaucracy associated with small operations.

Blots, lintels, trusses, battens, too, waste, soft, screws. Do you remember the humorously long list of things you need to build from the movie Alone by the Forest? A similar look of the list of necessary permits to start the operation of a confectionery with a small production plant: Change inside, opinion of the Department of Hygiene Station, opinions of fire brigade, monuments, Department of the Environment, approval of the National Institute for Integration of Persons with Disabilities.

According to the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Businesses, the entrepreneur needs to obtain a positive opinion, or he must report his activities to 15 and 20 state institutions. In normal operation, I can expect 20 and 30 types of inspections from sttnch ad.

The amount of various obligations of the given acts, which the entrepreneur had to fulfill when starting the activity and later during the operation, is enormous. Moreover, the bureaucratic account is constantly growing, to Jaromr Dzal, chairman of the Baking and Sugar Union.

According to him, the particularly negative impact of the administrative burden on small, family bakeries and confectioneries. Instead of pursuing his profession in debt and business, half of his working time is spent on various forms, mentions and statements. The lack of clarity, complexity and unpredictability of the requirements complicate the business of small food producers so much that it is practically liquid, he added.

One duty for one ministry

The association is therefore preparing a proposal to simplify the administration. The proposal is that one ministry would require only one obligation per establishment. Each department would have to give all its opinions and permission to issue one entrepreneur within the framework of the same, as well as within the framework of normal operation, all organizations falling under one ministry would have to carry out only one regular inspection per year. For small entrepreneurs, the time needed to communicate with the state would be halved, Karel Havlek, chairman of the association, who presented the proposal to the Chamber of Deputies of the Chamber of Deputies.

According to Havlek, Geniln is an American model, where all the construction documentation is allowed by one person in the municipality and the city, and it ensures the listing of all institutions falling under the city.

I recently visited a small sugar factory in Washington, DC, where six employees worked. The requirements of the local ad for this establishment were a quarter of what we require from us. I do not dare to design such a model in our country at all, adds Havlek, according to him everyone knows that the situation is deplorable, but if only looking for reasons, it cannot be simplified.

It was stress, but I had tst

It has been about a year since Kateina Antoov opened the Pannyruta confectionery in Prague 4. How did nron open a store for n?

I had a huge advantage in the fact that the space I rented was approved as a gastronomic space. This was a very easy way for me, because it was enough to make a change inside, remember the businesswoman.

Going in front of the dark, not taking up space, she looked at the sanitary facility in Prague 10, which she had to do everything so that she could have an open shop with a seat separated only by glass. She didn’t want to leave anything to chance.

Among other things, Ptel is a chest, so he drew what the space would look like after the change, and I went back to hygiene, where I was quite a bit old, to discuss what is needed, first Katein.

Because the opening of the premises of the building without building rights, it was not necessary to approve from the building series. We just had to supply a number of washbasins and dishes, it’s unreal in this. Likewise, a large number of refrigerators is mandatory, because certain foods must be special. Approval for hygiene should take a maximum of 30 days, but I had it approved for a while, adds the businesswoman. She paid nothing and rights for the change inside, the equipment cost her about 450 thousand crowns. But a large st equipped pr u mla.

Whenever he discouraged me from the series, hygiene, everyone was pretty scared, but obviously I was happy. Pesto was quite a stress, so that everything is as you imagine for hygiene. The hunter must not just be discouraged, adds Kateina Antoov.

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