If you need two million crowns for financial housing and you want to get out of the building society as soon as possible, then you have to pay around 50,000 crowns a month for two years. Somewhere twice as many, the conditions of savings banks are known.

In the recent article “The building savings bank: Where fastest?” Over time, the value value grows in you, and grows to the necessary level.

The amount that you have to pay in order to have a year after two years in individual building societies ranges from 809 thousand K to 1.25 million K at a rate of 2 million K. In such a case, from 40% to 62.8 % clov stky. If you want to get the right (and thus combine at least the required building savings), you must deposit about 750 thousand K and 1 million K on the pot, but you will get 30 and 74 msc on your claim.

In any case, the necessary disputes, which lie here with the building society on a low deposit (or the main goal is to get up to it with a one-year rate, which the savings bank makes a tariff with a low rate), are relatively high and far from any household is available.

Let’s take a look at the case when you want to get back from a building connection with a regular location to a building connection. Assume an additional target of more than 2 million K, if you do not get the support and choose the fastest variant to get the bucket. The fees include all fees associated with the building savings.

If you want to get back as soon as possible, you must first get a high enough value. In such a case, the minimum amount of money is well established – with the exception of Hypo stavebná spoitelny, where it is very good to choose, not to base the value.


Tarifn varianta

year from vru


Msn vklad


Attractively fast

3,70 %

58,5 %

48 874 K


Credit fast

5,00 %

59,46 %

49 488 K



3,70 %

121,23 %

100 853 K


Nadstandard NU / EU

3,90 %

40 %

34 031 K


vrov tariff

3,50 %

74,8 %

62 582 K


Fast variant

4,75 %

62,3 %

51 319 K

Sweaters: Josef Rajdl, analyst at Fincentrum

The best way out is MSS, and you have to save “only” 48 874 K msn and then 58.5% of customs duties, and MPSS, where you have to save 49 488 K msn and within two years you will save 59.46% of customs duties. The worst impact is Wstenrot stavebná spoitelna, where the client has to save more than 100 thousand K msn – and two of them, the value of the debt could be high enough, the customs clearance is more than 20% hell.

If you do not have to hurry and do not insist on winning the year after two years of regular joining, but on the contrary you want to get the most out of the loan and spend as little as possible, then your small amount will drop sharply. But you have to prepare and at 88 msc ekn.

you at Hypoindex.cz

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