Martin Zach has been in a wheelchair for six years, although he has managed to stand on his own two feet and he is not considered disabled. I am a normal hunter, acort seven and both I need help with nm, to Him in 2009, who became paralyzed after jumping into the water.

I have the energy to share and talk about the pensions and the problems he has gone through. Of course, I understand that some disabled and disabled people cannot work and would need help. But I am a supporter of the fact that when he hunts me, he should work and not just make excuses, regret and sit at home, to Martin.

You can see that you are a life optimist, right?
I know. I may have a wheelchair, but there is a lot I can give. I want to go abroad, I want to play sports, so I just have to work.

Didn’t happen to me once, did you stay with you during your studies?
I was in college, half a year before I ended up with top sports, I had beer in the modeling season. However, they were commonplace, otherwise during their studies they financially supported their parents, most of them financially. Then I started working in a company where my father worked. I was his assistant and I went to the slopes for control days. I earned about 10 thousand crowns msn.

How did they vs give birth to retirement, were you used to spoiling or suffering?
I’m after my mom. I went from zero to zero and sometimes even into a monk (smch). But I always saw that it would be lp. I also did not hesitate to invest with the fact that my investment well. It was not about investing in the financial sector, but about investing in oneself.

But suddenly there was no lp. It happened to me once and you were financially upright at home again.
Basically yes from the arrest. For people who do not have financial resources, this is a big problem. J ml tst, em supported the birth. For a year, I was without any income of my own. They didn’t sweat and change my pension, it took a long time. My family and brother were already in charge of me, I don’t know how I would have managed if I hadn’t had such a land. I was barely able to manage rehabilitation, then handle a lot of papers and enough.

How much does a hunter need to arrest when he wants to dig into active life?
Rehabilitation condition and spinning unit is covered by the insurance company, you do not need much pension for the arrest. But then comes the problem of buying a wheelchair. Because I wanted to be active, the cart I needed cost 140,000 crowns and cost about 23,000 crowns.

And what about the rest, opt pispli give birth?
There were drills and sponsors who helped me buy the cart. With the Barira Account, it is possible to set up a case in such a case. Companies that want to write will then receive a confirmation of sponsorship and can contribute to the contribution. Barriers have also given support for many compensated aids and there are many other foundations that support these things.

But how to get such information?
Information on how to contact the foundation and how to support the data can be obtained, for example, through the Czech Association of Paraplegics. They helped me too. Over time, I became proficient in it and I took care of sm.

I didn’t start sending a disability pension, you said it took a while. What happened?
It was quite funny. At first, they calculated a pension in the amount of 2,250 crowns, with the fact that he only graduated from high school, but on the sweat suit they were title Bc. Martin Zach. Paradoxically, I drank that there was a university degree on my suit, but my studies did not admit to me.

Where they went wrong?
They had a university degree, it was a mistake ednk. I then had to re-prove it, including confirmation that I was still a student. They paid for my pension, gave me a new money from the day they paid, and paid my pension back. In the end, it was in the horseshoe.

Are you sorry or bad?
I took it with the echo that the Czech bureaucracy is on par.

When did you receive the disability pension first, how much was it?
That time it was about 8,800 crowns. Gradually, disability pensions increased, currently about 9,200 crowns per month.

How do you deal with a bank that does not reach even 10 thousand crowns? Otherwise you started potat?
So somehow. I had the advantage that it was written about mm pad in mdich. Gradually, I started receiving job offers and gave me income, which helped me a lot. David Novotn, the organizer of Mue of the Year, helped me, and he still helps me today. But the main thing helped me with my arrest was the birth of food, and all the things I needed were at their expense.

Did you even pay for rehabilitation?
Not exactly. The health insurance company stood up to this in time. Any rehabilitation I needed was reimbursed, including rehabilitation in Kladruby.

Did you exercise and rehabilitate at home?
Yes, I started cycling, I went to the gym, I paid for it. Sport began to bring me back to life.

You wanted to be active, moving from city to city, only a wheelchair is not enough. He gave the investment was a car?
Yes, I bought it less than a year later. Here, too, are the financial benefits from the state, I did not have to pay VAT, the state contributed at the time and 100 thousand for five years, you can draw and 200 thousand for 10 years. Such a social contribution can be drawn to the right of the car. Even though I got a car pension, I still had to pay for those years and met seven thousand crowns msn.

Weren’t you afraid you wouldn’t be in installments?
No, I knew that vr splatm. In addition, he drank the fuse once, I was very insured.

Insured vs born, or you sm?
They paid the insurance and gave birth to their parents, my brother and I had been connected once since we were little. Rodies took it for granted that the child should be connected. Even though the monthly rate was not high, it was definitely a certainty. I did the top sports, in addition to adrenaline sports, I rode around Europe in races. I think it should be connected once, if it is active. Investing in insurance 200 and 250 crowns msn not so much, never know what will happen.

What amount did the insurance company pay out in the end?
It was around 800 thousand crowns.

What helped me cope with what happened?
It was important that I actually sm, 200 kilometers from my parents, from the age of 16. I was able to take care of myself. I didn’t have a problem bt sm. Of course, the sport also hardened, there was discipline in it, that was important. And then, of course, the support of the family, friends and country, which I had. It helped me a lot, I can’t imagine it without it.


Martin Zach as moderator

Martin Zach is dreaming

Martin Zach is trying to live a completely normal life.


In the year R 2009 Martin Zach and David Novotn

Also, didn’t it happen that black thoughts were running out of my head?
No. I just drank it like that, I don’t want to sit at home and be hanging out somewhere and have fun. Walk between people and walk between n rd. And I came to the conclusion that I want to make the handicap visible. Even though I studied high school sports and we had special pedagogy, I didn’t learn anything about the spine and my lies. I knew that there were handicapped, mentally handicapped, children with cerebral palsy, but I did not know this issue at all. I know her and I want to make the handicap visible, so I go to the company, have long discussions on bicycles, chairs in companies, and I know about handicapped births.

Today you have a civic association, you dream of helping young people with similar disabilities.
It’s one of the things I have. I am also the patron of the Civic Association Caballinus, I support children ‘s hippotherapy and pomhm shnt finance. And I’m preparing a mdn collection for carts, let’s see how it goes.

You are moderating at the same time, you are a press speech. How do you do all this?
It’s nron, but when you do it all dm sm, that’s it.

Do you have your own recipe for organizing everything, how to get everything done?
I dream of being fulfilled, every day something. But the turn of the year was hectic.

How do you take birth today, where have you gone in six years?
They take it positively and I hope they are proud to have done it. Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without them. But I must never laugh at that. Even though I am almost selfish and live in Prague, they will never try it. I want it.

You didn’t read much about a pension before, is it different?
It’s different. Of course, the income is something, you can save it. From the insurance period, I invested my money so that I would have something for the future and the pension would not just go here. Finann literacy needs to be improved, uiten vdt what to do with retirement. The first thing I did, for example, was to get away from banks that charge you high fees.

Where do you invest in the fund?
Yes, these are mostly catch funds and long-term investments. I also have a pension connection, a new one-time fuse, a regular connection. When I do something, I think about the future.

What do pensions mean for vs today?
Freedom. Even if they are not the longest, release the pension. Especially on a wheelchair. It costs a lot of vc castles, but there is a lot of vc pedraench for wheelchairs, companies don’t waste it. Tm se dm sociln systm.

What do you mean?
Just to give you an idea, the well-known truck had a lower lift, such a lift. The company that assembled it told him that it cost 150 thousand, but they would cost 600 thousand, because it could pay them as a fee. This is how it is in m. You can buy a shower seat abroad for five thousand, here it is paid, so it costs 12,600 crowns. It is business for companies in our country. Stt is struggling to retire on a pension for the disabled. If someone found out for how much companies they buy and for how much they sell and how high they have, they would learn a lot.

Last year I used the wheels of a truck because it was destroyed by an airline during transport. New wheels for the cart will cost six thousand, when you need wheels as spare parts, it suddenly costs 36 thousand crowns. Abroad, however, you can go in a pepper for 1,800 crowns.

tve vs to?
Grapes, I wrote to the Ministry of Finance, because no one said anything about it, that the rest of them intertwine billions. You could always use these pensions differently, for example for a disabled disability, a contribution to the drink, etc. I want it to be difficult to pay, but why should companies make money on it? Those pensions could be enforced much more efficiently and the social system would not be so out of place.

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