The extent of the full coverage of the insurance event must be made without undue delay. But how long is it in practice and how much will the code be paid in the end?

How long does the insurance company have a code of liability?
Set the minimum limits of the insurance indemnity, ie the highest limits of the insurance indemnity in one insurance event. For health or death codes, this is set at a minimum of 35 million crowns for each person injured or killed.

For all codes, this is the code caused by damage and loss or theft of property in the event of a loss and the code, which has the nature of a bad profit, the limit of insurance indemnity by at least 18 million crowns, but regardless of the amount of damage. If the sum of the claimants exceeded this limit, the insurance benefit would be relatively shortened.

The difference between the caused code and the filling of the connection (in the case of codes exceeding the limit) bears the key.

Therefore, the series also offers its clients the option of fulfilling limits, either free of charge or with a slight premium, up to 100 million CZK for VAT codes and 100 million for health codes. In the event of an agreed limit, the insurance liability thus provides protection even in the event of a large-scale accident (eg a chain of an accident, a collision with a stove with the following extensive codes, etc.).

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Until when does the insurance company have to pay me the code as a damaged person?
According to the law, the insurance company’s indemnity is payable within 15 days from the day when the settlement necessary to determine the extent of its obligation to perform ends or as soon as the insurance company has received a final court decision on its obligation to provide insurance benefits. must be carried out without undue delay. Within 3 months from the day when the first person applied for the first indemnity from the insurance liability, the insurance company is obliged to terminate the calculation of the insurance event and inform the damaged person of the insurance indemnity.

This salary in the event that the insurer’s obligation to fulfill the insurance liability was not questioned and the claims for reimbursement of the codes were proved. In this period, the insurance company is then obliged to provide the injured party in writing with an explanation of the claims applied to the replacement of codes that have been rejected by the insurance company or for which it has been fully reduced. The insurance company is thus obliged to provide a written amount of a fair amount in full.

Are there any exceptions to the liability agreement when a contract for the liability of the vehicle does not have to be concluded?
The obligation to conclude an insurance contract does not drive a foreign vehicle, which is the holder of a valid green card, issued by the insurance company in a foreign country or vehicle, its insurance liability to the Czech Republic is guaranteed by the insurer of the foreign country.

According to him, according to him, the obligation to conclude an insurance contract of the Integrated Protection System component for all vehicles not intended for business and included in the continuously updated area of ​​the integrated protection system of the region.

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Obligation to conclude an insurance contract according to him Security Information Service for vehicles operated, the Ministry of Defense for vehicles operated by Military Intelligence and the Ministry of the Interior for vehicles operated by the Foreign Affairs and Information Office and for vehicles of the Police of the Czech Republic. An exception for me is the municipality for vehicles operated by units of the voluntary fire brigade of the municipality.

Issue a green card from the Ministry of Finance for the listed vehicles of the Integrated Protection System and according to the named vehicles (according to only the vehicle with the exception of the insurance liability). If the reason for which the green card was issued to the vehicle with the exception of the insurance liability ceases to exist, the person who operates such a vehicle is obliged to return the green card to the Ministry without delay.

Who will replace the code caused by the vehicle with the exception of the insurance liability?
code caused by the operation of the vehicle, with the exception of the insurance liability replaced by the Ministry, his vehicle caused the code.

The method and extent of compensation for codes in these cases are governed by a special first regulation. A person who operates a vehicle with the exception of liability is obliged to report to the Ministry without undue delay that there has been a code of conduct, to describe the facts and to provide the relevant documents. According to the Ministry, he must notify the court that the first claim for damages has been filed against them or that legal or criminal proceedings have been instituted, or if the claimant has claimed a claim for damages in court or with another competent authority, if he learns of this fact.

The Ministry is, of course, entitled to reimbursement of what it has fulfilled against the natural persons who caused the code, under the conditions under Article 10 (1) of the Act (mentally caused by codes, one under the influence of alcohol, etc.).

ryvek from the book: Povinn ruen

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