Hild also wants to offer the purchase of real estate for life in the Czech Republic. But business companies are facing a series of fundamental questions – from the first to the ethical. According to experts, the Czech Republic is not yet ready for this business.

Basic idea

Each should be secured at st. The state of the pension system will be enough for money, not for a dignified life. One of the monosts to be secured on st is real estate. The future retiree will thus spend the entire life of the city with a mortgage payment and the property will remain in his hands.

But then the fresh pensioner gave a question. They have real estate – that is, disputes for a million people, but in order to consume them, they have to sell the house… And move out. And at that moment, fuck Hild.

een by Hild… and others

Hild also wants to offer its clients the opportunity to buy real estate with the first of its lifetime inside the Czech Republic, and the customer will also receive a lifetime rent. The client will sell the apartment or house, receive the pension (according to Hilda 30%) immediately and according to him, a lifetime rent will be paid. In addition, he does not have to move and I can safely prot retirement to the city where he is used to.

The company Hild offered a reminder of one of the types of mortgage that the bank does not offer in the Czech Republic – the so-called equity release.

In an interview with the Hypoindex.cz server, Ji Ba, CEO of mBank, commented on “equity release” products: “According to my opinion, there is no place on the Czech market at the moment for similar products.” The market must be mature enough to accept a certain type of product.

Unanswered question

The Hungarian company Hild considered its activity for the activity of real estate agents. Yes, buy real estate. I pay a regular life annuity, which is connected with the activity – and it cannot be operated by anyone, moreover, without a permit. That is why the Czech National Bank became interested in the company last week. The same inconvenient question (and dispute with the regulator) in Bulgaria, where it operates.

The reason for the regulation is especially important: when paying life annuities, the company must create sufficient reserves for the payment of annuities, which must also be safely deposited. In connection loans, the basis of statistical-mathematical methods is hidden by actuaries, who are responsible for the reliability of the calculation.

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