Did it happen to you that you took out a lease or vr and suddenly you started thinking about its early repayment? If so, you were just as unpleasantly surprised as a colleague when you came across bells.

Let’s take a look at the specific situation when a hunter is inappropriate from the current point of view (a new suitable offer to buy, a sales event, a large time limit on discounts, etc.). leases, he therefore wants to pay the long-term loan and terminate the contract. Just as he is surprised when the leasing company charges a fee for this step, his sanction is obviously disproportionate to him.

The position of a used car is not special to them today, always our villages, towns and roads are lined with a number of used cars. As economically considering patriots, we choose, due to the possible service costs and with a view to the future use of the car, the car has the features of the old date of production with a purchase price of 80 thousand. TO.

Leasing company requires a deposit of the deposit, we can agree on less than 40% of the price of the car, so let’s say about 30 thousand. K. The resulting difference is 50 thousand. What is itself itself divided into several installments. The length of the day is almost 40 thousand. We are considering the temporary payment of the entire debt and thus the termination of the leasing contract. Although the leasing company can take this step, however, the posted fee reaches more than the current debt.

How to behave at this moment? Naturally, we calculate whether the early surcharge in the end and more relevant hearing (after all fees and other charges) will correspond to our ideas. Therefore, we consider two different variants of een on the basis of the obtained values.

The first option: we accept the terms of leases and other installments of the company, we pay the sent penalties and give fees, in which case it will expire. Both the car and the large technical order, usually left in the company ‘s lease, are now in our hands, and it is not restricted to dispose of the vehicle first. We decide on his fate ourselves, no one else.

We decided to sell the car for a suitable price (the answer to the cost of the castle) leasing contracts and covered the other costs associated with the sale of the car, especially administrative costs), the insurance company also returns the balance of unused insurance premiums paid on compulsory insurance and accident insurance.

Special area: how to richly retire

Type of variant: let us let the contract finish, ie complete the fulfillment of the contract as agreed in the original level of contracts. This means that the leasing company, the car, remains in its possession and the obligation to comply with all the terms and conditions (including the payment of accident insurance), also decides on it. We will postpone the decision on what to do with the car a little later, and after it is fully paid, we can freely dispose of the horse with it. The time value of income will help to reduce the amount of installments (ie the ratio of income and these expenses will change over time). Subsequently, we plan to sell the car (as in the first case), but its value has fallen after further long months (the height of the car, corrosion and mileage, ie the overall wear and tear of the car has a negative effect on its price).

Let’s now summarize what influences our decision to choose one of the following paths at a given moment:

  • the value of the car itself changes over time (decrease)
  • fees and in addition to the originally agreed installments
  • he died how to load the car
  • potential dispute (at the moment of using extraordinary sales actions, etc.)

What we should not forget before signing the contract:

  • welcome the possibility of financial purchase of the car, especially the choice between the door and the lease (we have the cost of the car tax deduction, or not?)
  • to choose the most suitable vr i leasing on the market own analysis of offers and the use of financial servers, etc.
  • find the answer if I prefer to be the owner and the lessee of the car
  • evaluated own financial situation (ie down payment and future payments), which will be decided by our decision for a limited time
  • the possibility of one of the so-called non-standard situations (for example, as in our case, the possibility of prematurely paying the debt, or even the debt of customs)

Problem, nebo standard?

All financial institutions, offering financing for virtually anything, including the car, can, often, with the need to meet certain conditions, their clients prematurely end their relationship. This is currently the standard offer of these institutions, not a problem, at least from an administrative point of view. From a financial point of view, the bag is somewhat different, see table.

  • Table: Fees for early repayment of a lease or lease

From the given table and our example from life, it is evident that not only when buying a car, it is definitely worthwhile not to have the first offer forced, it would also be known in the second-hand car market. Always be interested in all the terms and conditions of the contract, or then you could be very unpleasantly surprised by, for example, fees and ten thousandth.

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Have you ever paid back early and were you pleasantly surprised by the fee? Drink them with reviews and reminders.

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