At work, it is important not only to complete the school, but also to be able to reject any that do not fall within your competence or are unnecessary. Tom Surka from Devire is advised on how to know the first moment when it is clear to your enthusiasts or colleagues.

Patitochotta and helpfulness to equip every worker. Sometimes you don’t have to do a little extra work. But m tosv meze. Don’t be pushed into a position where you will work for another.

Perhaps everyone has come across capable manipulators who can delegate their work to another and unjustifiably take their extra time. If a colleague is under help, it is good to comply. You can then expect that when you find yourself in a time of need, the co-worker will come out in a similar way. As soon as a colleague repeatedly asks for your help, it is up to the person to refuse his request. This salary for bikes, which can be described as redundant.

It often happens that enthusiasts or colleagues invite to the work even those who do not have to attend such meetings at all. Waste a lot of your time. According to various surveys, employees stay for the rest of the meeting very often. Therefore, it is not up to the code where the employee refuses his participation in one that is not related to his agenda.

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It is a good idea to explain your illness in advance to managers and colleagues. For example, say that it will be more effective for everyone to do your best at this time and that your participation at one time would not be beneficial either for the convener of the meeting or for everyone.

A clear opinion should be the reaction to wheels for which a deadline for fulfillment is completely unrealistic. It is necessary to warn that it is not possible to fulfill the back as quickly as possible after its introduction.

Many people today expect their mobile phone to be available 24 hours a day, thanks to mobile phones. It is not necessary to reply to e-mails outside normal business hours immediately. This also applies to telephone calls.

And it should be clear to me when you get to evaluate, for example, a grade for the round or at first, you are completely convinced of its redundancy since the arrest.

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