There will be a clash of vehicles and both participants in the accident are to blame. How to determine the compensation code if each of the operators is insured with another insurance company?

If the operations of two or more operators meet, the respondent is responsible for the fault. You need to spill it if the code was caused by:

1. On the health, life, things and property of tetch people
2. For the health, life, things and property of the operator

Traffic traffic means not only the physical collision of two vehicles, but also, for example, the traffic collision with the start of other traffic (eg collision of a vehicle with railways), but also cases of extremely harmful effects of two traffic on each other, even if means of transport. It is, for example, a separate accident of two vehicles, which was pleasantly dazzled by its headlights, a vehicle accident that occurred as a result of a skid on oil leaking from another vehicle, possibly caused by codes on the car stone killed by another vehicle’s wheel.

If the code was caused by persons other than the operator, resp. their employees, be liable to these third parties for the code generated objectively by the vehicle operator and their responsibility is solid. The essence of solid responsibility is that everyone is responsible for each other and everyone is responsible for each individual person. The damaged person can demand compensation for the code from one person and he cannot be armored, because the damaged person can demand compensation for the code from the other keys.

If the person on whom the victim turned is replacing the code, the obligation of the other persons to fulfill the victim ceases to exist, because he was satisfied with his claim. The first of the keys, which he fulfilled, then demand the origin of the other places according to the extent of their part for the code. In insurance liability, therefore, is fully fulfilled by his contractual insurance company. I should then first ask for the other keys, resp. their contractual binders according to the paid code, according to the extent of the fault.

When will the obligation to pay it expire?

Strict liability means that the operator is responsible for the code, even if he did not cause the accident, because it is a code caused by the special nature of the vehicle’s operation. This means that if the insurer of these operators, who is responsible for the caused code, pays this code together.

If the code has been generated by the operators or their employees, the operator shall inform the operator of each other according to the part of the code. Each operator is responsible for the total code according to the extent of the code.

To the detriment of this code, it is paid for the basis of concluding an insurance contract of liability for the code caused by the operation of the vehicle. This code castle connects vinka. If the code was caused on the property of tetch persons, it will be paid by the binding company according to the fault of their client. The injured person shall file a claim for reimbursement of the code against any operator or his insurer and the entire reimbursement code. Settle with the insurer of the other vehicle operator according to the extent of his fault.

ryvek from the book: Povinn ruen

1. dl: car code from an unknown culprit must be reimbursed
2. dl: Operator hldanho park the answer for the code


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