If you have a good reason to allow yourself to go into debt, the one that your child needs for health reasons to the sea or is the last of the time who was not there to go, you long. First of all, it should be the case that you are on vacation. Loans only make sense when it comes to investing in housing or long-term housing, ie in things that do not lose their value of two, do not repay them.

Do you need to drink 40,000 crowns? The cheapest loan for the year was offered by Bawag Bank, repay it by 3,044 crowns, on the other hand, the earliest loan came from Profi Credit, in addition to pay 6,512 crowns. Citibank increased the maturity period, but it only paid the offer for its own clients with a credit card, and Bawag is also the cheapest option for all the others – overpay it by CZK 8,816 for 3 years. Nejdra is an esk spoitelna, and this loan cost a total of 52,124 crowns.

Beware of fees at the bank

Banks do not have special holiday loans, but they will offer some of the non-target consumer loans. Years of rates in these VR range from 7 to 17 percent ron.

Banks for the agreed years include the fees for the management of the company and its management. For example, Komern banka will deduct 80 crowns from the company for risk-free loans, while this maturity will amount to CZK 3,000. Most often pay one percent of the loan for the provided, you can have the same offer on the offer without charge, until June 30, Volksbank does not need it for the People’s Loan.

If you do not borrow money in your holiday for a holiday, you can get the consumer money even without a guarantee.

You will need two identity documents, proof of income and a visit to the branch at least once. esk spoitelna and Komern banka offer their clients with a history the opportunity to go straight through the internet banking. For foreign clients, banks test the ability to meet the team, mBank offers a loan of up to 60,000 crowns without proof of income.

Invite the table

vr na pokn i za 10 dn

Choose the time you go to the bank, especially when you need to pay for your holiday the next day. Some people pay the pension immediately after approval, for example esk spoitelna, SOB or mBank, elsewhere it takes several days, you Citibank 5 and 8 days and Potovn spoiteln and 10 days. Usually you get a pension bag the next day.

Also wonder if the bank will be able to repay it early and for how much, when you will be paid by a pension from Canada, or vice versa, whether it will be able to defer the payment in time.

When you decide to vr, choose the one without naven

Unlike banks, Spltkov companies offer their holiday loans through a number of travel agencies, brick-and-mortar and online, and I am talking about 120 travel agencies. It is best to ask to take a split holiday directly in the travel guide where you chose the exit. “When buying via the Internet, you can check this option in the order and fill in the electronic amount,” explains Olga Mukov from Home Credit.

Loans from installment companies are no longer at banks, usually you will not receive 80,000 and 100,000 crowns, respectively. If you don’t follow him in just 1 day, the year will jump for me and not 30 percent. For example, Home Credit with Sunny Days travel agency will offer a loan for excursions without a discount, get it by paying 20 percent and repay the loan in 10 installments. Cetelem again cooperates with Exim Tours, you will receive 80,000 crowns without a fee.

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