Are you interested in whether it is appropriate to take out a mortgage or a building society? Bad on a specific case. When you need to join me, it is a good idea that the building society will settle with the guarantor.

If you want to compare a mortgage and a building savings bank, you have to turn to the so-called hellish wreck, sometimes the savings bank and the interversion.

The first ones have similar parameters as the mortgage: you can spend a million without a crown on the dispute, or you, if you can get enough security and reach your income on it.

You can get a gap of up to half a million even without a secured property
The maturity of the gap is around 20 and 25 years and the rate of me, but so it does not have to be fixed for the entire period of the gap. You can also choose at Buinka. In the years of the inter-year and mortgage rates is comparable, currently it is around five percent. You can find the gaps with mortgage parameters in the column on the left.

Unlike the mortgage mezzrr, you do not have to secure real estate, savings banks require only half a million crowns for loans. When you need to join me, it is a good idea to be a guarantor. With a building society, you can get less money, the bank’s mortgage is usually not less than 200,000 or 300,000 crowns.

An overview of the mezzanine can be found HERE

ekn na vr will be expensive
If the way is fulfilled. While in the case of a mortgage, from the arrest next to the paid year, you gradually wash the long stunt, in the middle of the gap you pay only one year and at the same time spot on the building connection and until the moment of the so-called pidlen. This is the moment when you meet the conditions of the bottom of the day. It is only at that moment that you wash a piece of your debt.

No matter how hard you work, the savings bank will take years to sweat, regardless of how much you have saved. It can take ten or more years to fade and prodrait. On the other hand, deposits in the amount of money here will be paid in the middle of the table and will also receive state support.

The main difference is the higher penalty for early repayment. Building societies are benevolent in this regard. You can pay the due date at any time and without any penalty, as well as pay the number of extraordinary installments.

You can run into a sanction in the middle of the game
The Blue Pyramid accounts for 2 percent of the early repayment of the bill for each year until the end of the fixation, and Lika ul for a year in 60 days. Compared to the fines of mortgage banks, these amounts are exchange. The mortgage can usually be repaid without penalty only in the case of fixation. Banks charge sanctions on the same principle as the Blue Pyramid, but the fine is at 5 percent. If you wanted to repay, for example, pl million 3 years before the exemption of fixation, the bank will save 75,000 crowns due to the profit.

There is a cheaper mezzanine on the fees
Not only the annual rate, but also the fees, especially the regular ones, decide how much you pay in total. Dr. What is the bottom of the fact that the savings bank will not provide this return, you must enter into a building savings contract and an entrance fee, usually in the amount of 1 percent, so you actually pay twice. Hypoten banks most often get 0.8 percent of the volume of the bank. A million mortgage will cost 8,000 crowns and a million intermediate mortg for 20,000 crowns.

The difference is easy to play with regular payments. Pay 250 and 360 crowns for the intermediate year, the same amount for the savings. Led by a mortgage will cost 1,200 and 2,640 crowns ron. At twenty years of maturity, I can keep the gap between you and 50,000 crowns cheaper.

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