According to the work, the employer must remember the high temperatures that have prevailed in Europe in recent days. And in the winter air conditioning, drinks or more variations on the workplace. What do employees have to go for when they are choked at work?

Hana’s secretary unbuttoned the button on her blouse and wildly in front of her invoices, so that at least for a while she could achieve an enlightening bird. In the unimobile, where I have an improvised office, at three o’clock in the afternoon we are almost a dozen degrees. According to my own opinion, bt.

However, the mere fact that the temperature rises above this limit does not automatically mean that the employee is not obliged to do his job, to lawyer Christian Chodra. According to him, the employer is trying to relieve his people in the heat.

Today, the management decided to cut working hours by an hour. In the afternoon, the heat is really unbearable, to Hana and goes to the fridge for a mineral water. The employer must remember the high temperatures. In general, it is possible that for office administrative work the temperature may be higher, on the contrary, for the physically low level our temperature decreases, to lawyer Klra Valentov from the consulting company Vilmkov Dudk & Partners.

Syrup or beer?

The employer celoron must have enough drinking water for work safety and health protection in the workplace. In addition, the bag must provide so-called protective drinks on hot days. The amount and type of protective drinks are determined according to the degree of work and temperature to which the worker is exposed, so it will always depend on the specific type of work, notes lawyer Valentov.

As for how many temperatures, how many and how the type of drink can a worker get, he adjusts the 2007 government regulations, but it is quite a number of numbers. The total number of maximum temperatures and the following protective measures for each type of employment is relatively complex and depends on many variables, such as the above-mentioned work and the place of work, the possibility of air conditioning, outdoor temperatures and so on, according to lawyer Chodra.

Companies often put cities in the public interest, ignore customs or customs, as far as possible. I wanted to work for you, and it was different. In the first, on hot days, we received free non-alcoholic beer in the canteen, in the second, we were transported from a warehouse with pallets of chilled minerals, and in the third, the hall was air-conditioned, with a CNC CNC machine.

It’s his friend from the devotion. f hot sun At most, buy a syrup to pour tap water. He doesn’t care about Karel. When the sun rises in the afternoon windows of the hall, I am at work and 32 degrees.

According to the law, the employer should warn if the lip of the thermometer rises to 31 degrees. At such temperatures, more than 1.25 liters of fluid are lost per eight-hour shift. After exceeding this limit, employees are entitled to a so-called protective drink, at least 70 percent of fluid losses, explains lawyer Christian Chodra.

So about a liter of mineral water is sold and weakly mineralized water per person. And beware, don’t just work it physically. When the temperature reaches 31 C, protective supplies must be provided by the provider and administrative staff, adds lawyer Valentov.

When lip rises stle v

In the event that the temperature exceeds 36 degrees, the people in the company must pay for work and safety. I drink the snacks in working hours, Chodra points out.

Outside of the nation, companies have a lot of opportunities to relieve their people in the heat. He is misguided. The employer often provides employees with a lion in the form of reduced working hours at extreme temperatures. The employee is not in the first year for this left bag, notes Klra Valentov.

Where it is not possible to adjust shifts, come with a motivated financial reward. Although it is not cold, but at least sweat. For example, in the past fifty crowns for winds, packaged mineral water and summer uniforms, they received the idea of ​​Brno’s public transport for every tropical day in service. Newly, after a collective agreement, this is settled in the framework of a flat payroll, to Barbora Dolealov from the Transport Company of the City of Brno.

In extreme cases, if the temperature exceeds the specified maximum level, which is highly unlikely in our climatic conditions, it could also be a nuisance on the part of the employer.

The law remembers situations where the worker is unable to perform work due to adverse weather conditions, such as severe frosts, icing, high temperatures, strong winds, etc. In these cases, the employer has the employee to do other work, even if the employee disagrees. . Employees more than 100 percent of his average debt, explains lawyer Christian Chodra.

According to him, the practice in the Czech Republic shows that the employer would not have to, even in such extreme temperatures, the industry is quiet. And it has no effect on their salaries, adds the lawyer.

Anyway, if the company hardens and leave it at hot temperatures without any lions, you can turn to the nearest hygienic station, or immediately submit a request to the labor inspector.

Office like a refrigerator

On the other hand, even at high temperatures, it is not possible to demand, for example, good air conditioning in the workplace. When u is positioned, a regular temperature difference must be observed.

Paradoxically, the air conditioner in the office suffers from the whole programmer Eva, who wears a light suit in the morning, and when no one is looking, he calls the socks under the desk to turn off.

There are a dozen in the wall outside, and twenty-one in the office. But colleagues are so happy. J no. Every lto mm angnu, a twelve-year-old woman enjoys. The difference between outdoor and indoor temperature should not exceed five degrees. Depending on the type of work, the air conditioning should be optimally set to 23 C and 24.5 C, respectively, points out lawyer Klra Valentov.

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