Jan Zinek is an Anect fem who specializes in cyber security. Protect data from companies against hackers, both by technology and the entrainment of employees who tend to be the weakest link in data protection. Zinc in an interview for iDNES.cz advice on how to behave in the digital world.

What does the current situation in the field of cyber security look like? He still talks. Is business protection improving in the digital world?
Some companies are better off because they are sure to provide them with valid documents, such as banks or the state administration. But a number of companies still neglect it. He doesn’t invest in protection, he doesn’t need that need. This is only until the date is lost. Instead of designing companies how best to protect their data, we often go and support it. That is, to the stolen environment that was under the stream.

According to statistics, the number of cyber attacks is increasing, hacking techniques are still inventive.
And that’s why companies should get enough. They should judge what their real gold is. If you offer a product for which they have their own know-how, and they are stored on a server, then it is important that they protect it. When a company has wealth in some contracts, it is again necessary to ensure the entire channel through which the contracts and communication about them work. You can’t secure everything, but at least the longest.

Just a good tool does not protect the bag. The user plays an important role in cybercrime. You offer companies and educators, employee training.
The user is the weakest link. The vulnerability of both employees and management will not change by itself. Anxiety and resilience are a must. And it’s not about the people hiding data in the people, but there are a number of exercises that entertain employees in the finale. We simulate flows, pour phishing e-mails and find out how people will react.

A nachytaj se asto?
Someone always grabs.

So how can I behave as an employee so that I don’t allow a hacker to get into the company system?
Social engineering is one of the basic tools for obtaining relevant information. And the first time with its use was to realize the overwhelming wind flow. The general advice is that we must be stale ostrait aa nedviv. When you know it, you don’t even have to be sure that the e-mail is really from a hunter who is signed in it. Vm, it’s a bit of a paranoia game.

But how is it as a layman mm poznat?
Be vigilant and the moment you get to the first one, which doesn’t seem to me, there is some urgency in them, there is some pressure, so be careful. If I, as an ethnic, comes from the company at first, in which I can send a million crowns to them, then it is definitely good to check it in an independent way at the source.

So it’s good to watch the anomaly. Very often in sub-emails there is something else not usually. For example, the corporate culture of a company is about. And the employee will get it from the director first: Hello, Pete, please Vs for payment so you have to stop it.

How are the most common user errors?
Open e-mails that they shouldn’t open, navigate to Internet sites that they shouldn’t visit, and install easy-to-attack pages on your workstations. And last but not least, they reveal everything about themselves on social networks, making it easier for hackers to work.

Sociln st are probably a big problem, right?
From the social networks it is possible to find out an incredible amount of information and unfortunately our user two tons very easily personal data and data about people close by. We also carry the habits we have at home. Thus, the login password to the company computer will most likely be the same or similar to private e-mail. And your password will be, for example, the name of the dog. And at the social center you have twenty photos from the weekend when you were outside with your dog you are addressing there. It’s about meeting the need for shared personal information.

We just have a lot of those passwords and how do you remember them all?
There is a big problem with passwords. As part of the holding, we have the company Aducid, which deals with user authentication. We know that in the future we will not have a password, it will be replaced by a secure digital identity, which you can log into all applications and tools. And this identity will not leave a traceable track in the digital world, it will not be able to duplicate.

It’s not going to work, so here are the problematic passwords.
It is really not easy to remember a different password for each system. Any worst case has a traditional password of the type: 1234, or has the name of a child, partner or the first pet. It’s a good idea to complicate things as much as possible, so have part passwords that contain special characters, have uppercase letters, and learn them.

There are different ways, you can find them on the Internet. There are people who, instead of two passwords, have familiar songs, poets, or have some familiar voice, and use only the first letter of each word. At first glance, it’s a lot of nonsense, but it’s hard for someone to unravel it. When you add it at the stop or at the end of a slem, you are quite safe.

I’ll secure my password, but what about the infected first?
Then it’s about our breeding in the social fields. A hacker from Facebook will find out the user’s impressions. What do I care about how his end is. And then he infects a pdf file and fields it on his company e-mail, giving him a great offer for skiing in Alpch. Find out if it’s a lion. He opens it and at that moment the virus is harmful to the computer and the hackers are immediately in the company. This happens very often.

There are also cases where an e-mail arrives with a pdf file, sent to it by someone from a special domain, from the other side of the world, there is a special text in it. Pesto, the people will open it. At this time of day, we should recognize that if we get an offer for drugs from an African domain, it will probably be a scam. Likewise, you will not open today at the cult first, in which they feel that a hunter has inherited twenty million adrests for help with the transfer of pensions.

tonka prozrad and patn grammar.
You can’t count on it. tonci have stuck together in grammar.

What about biometrics? Is this a big shift in data protection?
Biometrics will play a significant role, it will be used more in security systems. This is exactly the trend that authentication will take. But it must be safe, because I am convinced that it is not tantamount how to handcuff your photo from the social network to identify the dog’s face ID. They will find a photo in high resolution, where you will be confused and get a fingerprint. The future is bright. We’re going to have to rush. From rna to veera. And just as we built a fence around the house, let’s build a fence around us in cyberspace.

Salary that hackei stle step ahead of them?
There are many women in advance that can catch a number of harmful things that are yet to arise. But the truth is that those better hackers are very technically equipped, they have a huge availability of information about protection, and so their harmfulness can ever be avoided by all available security.

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