Do you influence your future pension? ada lid is not clear at all. Many even in the misconception of what to curtail the old age and what to improve. There are people around the old pensions. We explain the most common mistakes so that you write down the correct information in your memory.

1. The pension must get cad

That is not the case. In order to be entitled to a retirement pension, you must meet two basic conditions: reach the retirement age and gain the necessary insurance period. Everyone who reaches retirement age and after 2018 needs to have at least 35 years of insurance, warns Jana Buraov, a spokesman for social security.

The risk that the hunter will not reach the old-age pension, especially in the case of long-term unemployment or such forms of work that cannot be ignored for retirement. For example, a convict who has not been put to work during a sentence may not reach retirement. The hunter who lived and worked in the state does not have to get the necessary insurance period, with the Czech Republic he does not have a contract for social security.

Incomplete conditions for the required connection time cannot be waived. It is possible to work out the time that will take to complete the necessary number of years of mistakes. The pension can then be paid from the day when the insurance period was delivered, explains Jana Buraov.

2. Even though the flight was small and low in length, I have to get a pension at least in the subsistence level

Very ast mistake. The minimum income and the subsistence minimum are not all. In the minimum, the income can be favorable in cases where the people meet the condition of the required period of insurance, but in the decisive period they do not have either days or very low incomes and the income simply cannot be calculated from them.

In such a case, the minimum percentage of the pension is determined by the pension insurance bill. Now it’s 770 crowns. The basic amount of income, which in 2016 was 2,440 crowns. At least in the income of piznanho in 2016, ie in 3 210 crowns.

  • Percentage area: 770 K
  • Stock weight: 2 440 K
    Minimum pension in 2016: 3 210 K

3. Lta worked before 1986 do not hide until retirement

It’s not like that. For the year of retirement and his / her income, the period of insurance (usually employed and business) obtained from the end of compulsory school attendance is included. For a long period of time, then increase the percentage of the income. The sweat from the personal exchange base is simplified simply by the average debt in the so-called decisive period.

The decisive period is therefore the years for which the benefits for the calculation of the pension are determined. Zan calendar year after year, in which the hunter reached 18 years of age and ended the year before the previous year of retirement.
But be careful. According to the Retirement Insurance Act, the years before 1986 are not included in the decisive period. In other words, if someone had a high income before 1986, they are not allowed to take it. The insurance period acquired before 1986 will be added to Jana Buraov.

4. I can pay extra for the time I miss

To bohuel nen mon. Voluntary retirement benefits exist, but they cannot be tackled universally in all situations. Pihlku should be submitted at the earliest for the period from 1 January 1996.

It is also necessary to state the reasons for which it is possible to sign up for a voluntary retirement bond and for how long it is possible to pay extra for each of the reasons for the stated reason. You can sign up for it without giving a reason, in which case the bag is paid for only one year back before the start of the application. It is therefore not possible to cover various gaps and times without insurance, which the hunter has in the past. Here’s how to solve the situation when the time of the connection is wrong.

5. Work on a deal to sweat years for a year to retire sweat

Some yes, some no. It is necessary to pour whether it was an agreement on work activities or an agreement on the performance of work. The agreement on employment is based on insurance and retirement, but be careful only if a monthly income of at least 2,500 crowns has been agreed.

If you have brigaded to an agreement on the performance of work, please note that the brigades until 31 December 2011 can not be forgotten for retirement at all. From 1 January 2012, it is then possible to include only those months in which the employee has earned less than ten thousand crowns from the agreement, concludes Jana Buraov.

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