Thanks to high tax rebates, you can not only not pay the tax day, but you can even get some extra pension. Only in case you have a baby to go to
on the left. For a glossy term, it is 10,680 crowns per tub.

Did you make a negative tax? What does this mean and when will you get a pension from sttu back?

ivm dti

In addition to the discount for anyone who pays the tax, one of the parents left me to give me a discount for each child. It is generally considered to be a child under 18 years of age, when the bag is studying for a long time, you can get a discount for it and up to 26 years. If, thanks to this tax advantage in the total amount, you get zero, you will receive a refund, the so-called bonus, paid back from the deposit. The condition is that you have spent more than 48,000 crowns.

For those who are long-term unemployed and have not had an income for a whole year, the tax bonus does not work, even if they have a child. In addition, the bonus is not unlimited, you will receive a minimum of 100 crowns and a maximum of 52,200 crowns per year.

Pklad 1:

I earn 360,000 crowns, 30,000 gross msn. His wife is in parental leave with her two-year-old daughter, and the children went with them to go with them.

His tax is 72,900 crowns. From n, then take the following discounts: For yourself 24 840 crowns, for a wife without income 24 840 crowns, for three children 42 720 crowns. After deducting all discounts, it will be reduced by 19,500 crowns. He will not pay the tax and as a bonus he will pay him 19,500 crowns.

Pklad 2:

My income is 280,800, which is 23,400 crowns gross. I have a ten-year-old son and ptilet twins.

After sweating, it costs 56,850 crowns, you get a discount of 24,840 crowns and for those children another 32,040 crowns. He will then raise his duck at 91 – 30 crowns. He will not pay the day tax, and because he got into the red thanks to the tax advantage for children, he should get 30 crowns. He will not get anything bag, because stt will pay the tax bonus and from a hundred crowns in.

Mm more discounts, nemm children

If you have deducted tax rebates from the tax and got into disputes, and you have no children, it only means that you will not pay the income tax. you won’t get back the point you crossed zero.

Pklad 3:

He has a gross salary of 276,000 crowns, which corresponds to a salary of 23,000 crowns. His wife is in the household, she is disabled and owns a ZTP / P order, she did not have her own income of more than 68,000 crowns last year.

You get a discount of 55,890 crowns from the exorbitant tax of CZK 55,890 and another CZK 49,680 for a dependent disabled wife. The total will give him – 18 630 crowns. dn will not get the pension back, it will just not pay dd tax.

Pklad 4:

A 25-year-old student His income is 132,000 crowns, 11,000 msn.

He sweats to give him 26,730 crowns. After deducting a discount of CZK 24,840 and a discount of CZK 4,020 per student, he will get CZK 2,130 in the last column. He won’t get anything back, but he won’t pay days.

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