Leasing for entrepreneurs is currently tax deductible, lasting at least years and business after the end of the car purchase. The reform extends the minimum lease term to five years, at the same time you will be deductible.

Buy a cheap car to go this year

Po reform nebude difference in whether the businessmanpay the car in cash, oryou are under for leasing plaintiffthe price and the installment will be fromdepreciation of the tax base afterthe same time, ie five years.In addition, it is necessary to cover with e, eadvance paymentcannot be taxedincludeat once, but it is necessaryunleash it gradually throughoutlease term.

The bag will be an indisputable advantage

canceled depreciation limitwhich is still 1,500,000crown.From 2008 you willcan you write off your car for ptmillion, although in delm timeobdob.

Na pkladu ukeme, jak na

it will be the entrepreneur who closeslease agreementat the endDecember, and in case, eget under the car and in January.

  • Pklad:
    Truhl Ji v, e

will need a new companycar, just not sure if fornj will be suitablesignlease agreementin December, or m pokat and onJanuary arrest. He chosedodvkuMercedes Benz Sprinter’sone million crowns, on purchasedown payment of 10 percent.Vthis ppad will be for himlep, when you posp.

1. Contract concluded: December 27, 2007

a vehicle delivery: January 3, 2008
Even though Ji actually
ride in a new car and in January,the date is decisivecontracts.Daov will move forwardaccording to the rules of2007, that is, it will be able tovyut dlkyrent only36 msc. It then includes the dutyleasingov njemn as vdajna dosaen pjm vyears2008 a 2010.

leasing price: 1,200,000 K
on the other hand: 135 500 K.

2. Contract concluded: January 3, 2008

a vehicle delivery: January 3, 2008
Pestoe se pan Ji posad do
your car on the same day asin the first case, the contractuzavel vJanuary andwill have tofollow the valid lawin 2008. Duewhat is the amount of payment for dataa pipeline of10 000 coron vceand you total price for the carcompany leasing)will be on pt flight).

leasing price: 1,300,000 K
on the other hand: 126 000 K.

Find a collaborating person
The entrance to the public building

manel you will be able to howlfor the last time. Konkrtn pi podvndaovho piznn doend of March 2008. Protoe odfor the first year will be uniformda pro vechny 15 procent,ztratspolen zdann naI know. To balancemon loss in the family budget,vrazn curled to the leftontax for a dependent person.

If you are a parent

allowed and he is the only oneivitel rodiny, me si za to, emanelkuvyivuje, nov odestfrom and 24 840 crowns. The samestku si odet sm na sebea jet 10 680 nawhen dt. ForThe year 2008, for example, made himtwo children and a woman at the parentenough to paydan, and when you will not71,040 crowns.

  • Pklad:
    Vclav enterprise is

businessman, his wife Eva isat home with his little daughter and togetherdomcnosti sname jetije Eva’s mother Alena, kteru is retired.

1. For the year 2007 use manel

coils zdann manel
Both give my pizzas,in which you differnaplRevenue from business,and because Eva is at home and notpjmy vy ne 38 040 korun zayear,you go to ni jet Vclavdiscount on fed manela(4,200), on each other(7 200), a navcdiscount on daughtersu (6 000). Evayou godiscounton me(7 200).BabikaAlena isthennot neastn.Pi pjmu1 000 000crowns (expenses)Vclav breadpayspaulem 50%) and use togetherzdann pay familygivesa total of 42,380 crowns(Vclav 16 090 + Alena 26 290).

2. For the issuer of the period 2008

u family together zdannvyut neme
Rodina was a source
uetila.As?He agreed to work together againa person who ur your mother-in-law.Na ni pevede 30 percent svchpjmand marry, Alena podown tax piznn, in whichyou exercise me, even if it ispensioners, discount themselves asfee (24,840). Vclav zdan70 percent of its profit 15 percent,take a discount on yourself (24840), for a fed manela(24,840) and a daughter (10,680).With a total income of 1,000,000crowns not paidfamily goutyes (Vclav – 7 860, Alena 0),on the contrary, it gets paid offfrom sttu bonus for discount ondtand vi 7 860 corun.

Pestoe si po reform Vclav

u neme snit daov zklado paid health insurance premiumssocial and social security,the family will be there in totalo 50 240 korun lpe ne letos.If Vclav hadn’t invitedbabikuAlena as a cooperating person,zaplatil by da 14 640 korun,therefore not in this case eitherfor the year 2007


person mus btstar 15 let,kter ijewith a fee(entrepreneur)andcoildomcnosti.ifthus a businessmanurilhis offspring,you are not in nanj odest discountand dt.

You pay extra
Kad businessman working

as a self-employed personinn, mus sm platitinsurance onhealth insuranceand social security. Thisfor this year are the lastthese tax paymentsrecognizable.In 2007, pay advances thatare calculated according to pjm zayear 2006. Me se stt, eyou arethey spent more and more on demandyou will have to top up. Itusually dl and sweatI followyear. Jenein 2008 for any arrearsdo not include in the cost.It pays to settlese sconnects to the endyear.

How much can you pay extra,

find out that from ronch pjmcut off the data, stkudivide by two azvsledkuyou sweat 47.5 percent.If the amount you areso far paid in zlohch,does not reach thisstky, the restyou pay to go to the endyear.

A is nicely sent for vc

penz ne me, ppadnpeplatek vm zdravotnpojiovna nebo socilninitially a garden. Peplatek siceyou must include in the pjm,so pay tax from it,but pt year it will be u only 15percent.

Reasonable supplement to the insurance company

and at first social securityratings. If paidpeenete, opensions thoughyou don’t come, but you’re left overyourself targeting pilkat controlz finannho adu.

  • Pklad:
    Kadenice Jana found out

Let’s go to her letonz podnikn po odeten vdajmove around 30,000 crownsmsn. She married last yearmn, plat zlohy 3 000 korunfor social and 1,500 for healthpojitn. Vzlooking toif its profit will be you, it will behave to replenish. You’re not a bagnot sure if I will send the surchargejet letos nco vydl.

From the table

HEREsaid whenJana nyn oel 11 000 korunand deal with the insurance,issued on it.If inand for 2008,as a result of the taxthe deposit would pay fordoplatcch o 16120 crownsvce (2 750 + 3 742 + 9 628).In addition, surcharge (2 655 +9 288) nesn in 2008svj zkladand.

Arrange you honor
Autoi, kte nyn pispvali do

newspaper and magazine and took feesfor inkovn on radioor on television, youpohor.Jet for leton year salary, ehonor for contributions to newspapersand magazines, radio and television,which does not exceed from one raftin calendar msci3,000 crowns are taxed in Serbianthan 10 percent.

From 2008 there will be mt and srkov

da flat rate 15percent, so he will weavei tchto honor.Nejene seraises da, but also the limit from t toseven thousand crowns.

Paul is on the wave

legs, magazines for magazines,pispv to radio and mstnchnewspaper.

1. Zatm dostvala na honorch

msn total 20,000crown
From a newspaper 7,000, from a magazine
8 000 a zradio 5,000 crowns.From kadho pltce reads vc no3,000 crowns for MSc, extthat is, pensionsnedanna podv sama daov piznn.Regularly sent backupson health insurance. Protoenem tm dn vdaje,the ability to exercisetklady so-called paulemand we 40 percent.He paysfee discount (7 200crown).For the year 2007 patch yes with pjm:8,500 crowns

2. Pedpokldme, e Pavla

will get even ptrok honorand the samewe
of melimit to 7000 crowns fromone raftfor msc se herpjmy timeOf two copperbude dostvat jipension taxsrkovo dan15 percent, msto12,000 getsonly 10,200 crowns. Honore forlinks to the magazinegetsiv ptm roce is (8 000korun) a to be odvdtsame. Obligation to payminimal backupon healthbond, but paidhe won’t be able to do itfrom daovho zladu odest.

In 2008 he will take away the Serbian

da: 21 600 crowns
For the year 2008 patch yes with pjm:
0 crowns

Although Pavla in daovm piznn

do not pay for this honoror a crown, in total for the year 2008takes sttu vcpenz. With a sicklethe tax they took for herin newspapers and radio, nothingneudl, do daovhopiznnsuch a pjmy neuvdj,and therefore it is not possible to stand against themdn vdata actuallypauln.

Could you stick Paul somehow?
It doesn’t matter. If

would agree with the contracting authority,to add a mere crownand her honor was 7001crown.Then hell the limit for the sickleda ai tento pjemwill include in his taxpizza. So thatshe couldarrange with the radio, ejthey will not pay honorkad msc, but only once fortvrtlet,you for january and nornothing for bezen celch 15,000crown. This way, thenhell of the seven thousandlimitand I sing danit alone.Bude mt i nadle monostapply paulnnklady.

Vypotan yes for

the year 2008 is 21,600crown.As a result, the bagdon’t pay anything, becausevypotan daisni ne slevafor a fee(21 600 24 840crown). Pestoeyou won’t be able toodest paidinsurance, uet.

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