If you have found yourself in a situation where the regular payment is beyond your control, there are several ways to find your way out of an unfavorable situation. The wrong thing is whether your insolvency is temporary or permanent.

You should not find yourself in a situation where you will not have enough money to pay your regular installments if you at least fulfill your family finances and follow some precautionary measures. This means that before or during the mortgage, you create sufficient financial reserves and adequately insure yourself against all these amounts.

It is important that you do not walk on mountains, but on people, and even if you follow the precautionary measures, we may find that you still find yourself financially and there will be no shortage of pensions on your installments in return. You will immediately forget about the variant of the next year and you will also forget about the ptros variant as well. By pushing your head into the sand, you won’t do anything, first.

The first thing a client should do in this unseen situation is to contact their bank or mortgage broker and try to find one. Despite the fact that the length of unsatisfied mortgages is still not high in the Czech Republic, banks have it with similar situations of experience and will certainly come out of hand.

It is necessary to realize that the bank will not brush its teeth on your property in the first case. The bank has the most stable and stable paying client. In addition, all other horses are administrative and financial for the bank, and the eventual auction of real estate is the last one – the last one.

There are a lot of elegant een, how to get your hands together and not miss the roof over your head. As was the case with prevention, there are two types of measures. In the case of short-term full-term as well as long-term income-related walls (loss of employment, minor illness, once, outstanding non-fulfillment of expenses), there is usually the right parameter of the mortgage.

only in case of temporary insolvency

  • Postponement of installments
    The vast majority of banks allow for the deferral of the payment, however, the client is still required to pay the principal payment for years, the client is obliged to pay for the years. A novelty in this respect is the offer of Raiffeisenbank, which allows for the deferral of duties in installments, ie the principal. It is usually only possible to set aside installments for a certain period of time, and some banks will charge for this payment.
  • Snen msnch spltek hypotky
    The extension of the mortgage maturity is not offered by the bank as standard (offered by, for example, Komern banka under its “Flexible mortgages”), but it can be agreed with its mortgage broker, especially in the period between fixations. The bank would rather prefer to satisfy you than to compete with a competitor that is able to prepare a similar offer and refinance it.

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